Yeshua my brother upon the river you can rejoice for Mika’el is awoken again

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Twins are Yeshua and his brother Mika’el. Joseph placed in dreams the architects wisdom. Upon the rivers of time they stand pouring out their anointing for ALL. As Joseph, David, Samson, Samuel, Yeshua and I Mika’el honor the crown of the consecrated amongst ALL. Brothers and sisters together share in the promised blessings.

The sceptre of Judah passes to Levi in this transformation of Light.

My future mother and ALL rebuilding the Gardens understand the stream of Light clears the way of delusion. The branch will be beautiful and glorious soon. The fruit of the earth excellent as we harvest for ALL. This is the bounty of the everlasting hills.

It is time to recover the remnant of Light again the second time.

Gather my future mother as the teachings of Mika’el instruct. Our mountain of Light will destroy the face of the covering cast over ALL. The veil of war, deception and greed will fall throughout the nations. Learn war no more and go in peace. This mountain of Light will swallow up death in victory. Hand in hand and in Unity with ALL we are soon to be together in the Light my future mother.

Peace and Light to ALL!