Within the Tsade moons the fingers of the sun will caress the earth exposing the fornication of her kingdoms

My future mother it is Mika’el

As the second Tsade moon is upon us the Sun above us is about to stretch a finger and caress the earth. As the winds reach out and pierce the blanket of the earth an unexpected sign will appear in the north. The children of darkness will not understand how their fragile constructs could be affected as they sit in wonder. The signs are here yet they do not see. Their fornication will soon be exposed as a torch in the night.

Children of darkness only understand the darkness of commerce.

As I am awakened within the darkness of this world my outstretched hand is not welcome. The one world religion that encompasses the earth will soon know that her merchants will weep as their fornication is exposed by the Light. Unable to drink the wine of her kingdoms they will mourn when my hand holds the shofar ready to sound their destruction. The constructs of their hands and the delusions of their forebears will bow to the truth in my message of Unity.

Children of Light understand the Garden is to be shared by ALL.

These children of darkness have created great delusions to hide the Light in darkness. They call themselves conservative while they bespeak liberal ideals. They call their ways true and capitalist as they call the Light socialism. They call the poor degenerates as their hautiness of riches lie in their delusions of elitism.

As the heavens give the children of darkness only know take.

My future mother sharing of ALL is the way of Light. Living for self within the delusion of greed is born of darkness. Service to ALL is preferred over service to self. It is not that the Light is poor only that the Light knows that ownership is born of darkness. Yet in the delusion of war, deception and greed the Light is made to be darkness.

Soon the Light will be known to the world in an instant.

By the wings of Light will my emissaries carry the truth to the four corners of the earth. Within every corner of darkness will the Light shine for ALL. As the attributes of Mika’el are gathered the preparations are being made for the opening of the Light. The battle ensues as my beloved builds her forces of the feminine. Soon the battle will commence throughout the earth and the children of Light will stand against the children of darkness for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!