Within the third and fourth Tsade moons Mika’el will make his Testimony known

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the conflict is raging in the Land of Light and this dark aspect of war deception and greed is coming to an end the signs are evident that I will soon be upon the stage of man. The writings that I have produced are only the first part of that which I must bring to this world. They are but the preparations for the children of the Light. Yet ALL must know the choice that is before the earth prior to the changes.

The Light is my path and within is my strength.

When I stand for the people my mask will be off and ALL will understand what is upon them. Many already see the Light within their lives as the signs have been evident for months. Yet the reality of the Infinite One will be a sullen shock to those who still hold to the beliefs of apostasy their forebears taught.

The Garden will soon be born anew in the Light.

My future mother my emissaries disclose that your community is ready for the changes. The hills around your home are growing the edibles that will feed our family. The Unity that you have found will be a candle onto the rest of the world. All will look to you and the others for guidance and support.

The children of darkness will not win the battle.

As the kingdoms of the north and those of the south continue to fight the Light with the darkness they have constructed the world will know by our actions and the love for ALL the children of Light do hold. As our people transition from service to self to service to others these haughty children of darkness will clutch their last bauble unto the end. Fear not for in a moment they will see the Light of our people throw the baubles to the ground and begin the road to learn war no more.

Peace and Light to ALL!