While the world is mesmerized by a white ball little ones suffer and die daily

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With all the suffering and death in this world it perplexes us that the sports you entertain yourselves with take hold numbing the darkness. You have created your constructs of money to feed the lusts of your being rather than do good and help those in need. Just around the corner from the stadiums that are filled little ones suffer and die daily with their rotting corpses in the streets.

The children of darkness ignore the death of children.

Filling your bellies with the delights of wine and food you cannot even save the left over scraps to help those in need. A child hungry on the street is just an object you wish you could remove from your sight. Children of darkness do not realize that soon it will be them on the street. When the money that you crave so fails you will remember the face of the hungry for it will be yours.

Love for ALL extends as service to others.

My future mother my emisarries of Light inform me that your community is growing. When the changes begin shortly and money fails your crops should be ready to feed some. We know that it will not be complete but it will give those contributing sustenance for a time. The Light will soon be upon the world. The horizon of our Garden in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will be seen by ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!