When the shofar is together the wailing of darkness grows as the Light first descends

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My attributes near as I plot out the path the star has laid before me. In the midst of this year the crown signified the location. The path from this shore to that shore and within the seventh measure lies the lake of the south. When we near the lake we know it lies beyond.

I hear the sound of Light call to me.

My future mother my emissaries are near so that your families understand the recipe for the anointing oils. Healing the deception through ALL being healed by the earth. No miracles. No mysticals. Only the Light of when Land and Life are ONE. Gather your community my future mother and the world will see our Unity begun. When I have reached my destination you will travel in the morning horizon of Light.

As the Light horizon draws near darkness shudders in eventuality.

The children of darkness weep for their delusions see the true Light as darkness. These children of the great deception fear the Light from forebears design. Ancient of texts changed and polluted with deceptions. The guidance we gave of the Light barely a shadow of the truth.

The sinister opponent of the Light thinks war will triumph.

My future mother when my emissaries are called and the battle truly ensues the kings and vultures will cower within the darkness they create. The cold barren cities and lifeless lands will sink as their design does collapse. When the pierced stone of my staff is freed the trees in the Garden will again glow in the loving green Light of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!