Wars and rumors of wars fueled by investors within the kingdom of the north

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed the adherents of the One World Religion sit listening to the vultures upon the pulpit speak of love and the heavens while secretly their wallets scream death and destruction. The funds they hold and the money they invest only promise darkness and recompense. From the hallowed halls of their delusional ministries they speak of salvation while the works of their hands delivers a murderous blow.

The green money in your pocket bleeds red with the lives of little ones.

Within the marbled chambers the representatives of a people deny the wars that rage while they take the profits of corporate giants bent on selling arms and tools of war. Employing hundreds of thousands peace is not an option when economies thrive on the backs of the dead. From sea to shining sea the populus treads upon the delusional countries that it leads. War keeps the wheels of progress moving.

Peace is merely a slogan and a chuckle beneath the dome.

War, deception and greed are the underpinnings of the rotunda. To and fro the children of darkness pass creating their works of darkness for their legions of conflict. To go to war or not they rumble in the halls until their supporters enter and pass the notes of wealth into their blood stained hands. For the people is a lost paradigm as these vultures retreat to the caves they build with the riches they hold.

While the vicar sits on gold people die in the streets around the seven hills.

Clothed in fine linen of purple and scarlet the keeper of the apostasy sits upon a throne decked with gold and precious stones. Leading the children of darkness within a delusional apostasy they clamor weekly for the baskets outstretched with lies about goodwill and giving when all they do is take. Even the bank of the vicar invests in the dark industries of war, deception and greed. Their worldly religion is naught as even the legions of the vicar venerate the One World Religion they preach against.

The Anti-Christ is each and every child of darkness venerating money.

There you sit with the tickets to your funds. The pockets holds the green blood of death. You say you look for the one that is in your midst yet your mirror holds the truth of the ages. Look to the pulpit and see the face of the great deceiver. Look to the halls of government and those who stand behind a cross and you will see the beast. In darkness does the industry of war, deception and greed grow as you work your life and place your money in the pockets of darkness.

Within the Light money and wealth is traded for peace and life.

My future mother the world sees those without money as poor. The children of Light do not understand the veneration that the darkness holds for delusion and death. The Garden is about sharing and caring. If the vicar of darkness were true the billions would be spent on land for trees and edible plants to feed the world not objects of darkness and death. If the king of the north were true he would look at his roses and plot the end of war. If ALL were concerned with the Light they would look in the mirror and decide that service to ALL was better than the pennies they gained. Soon the Light will be known and ALL will live in the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!