Understand the Three Temples of Transition as the renovation finally begins

My future mother it is Mika’el.

This beautiful morn that the infinite laid revealed the temples within their gaze. My grip with my beloved slipped with news of wonder our son would be our father. From ancient was called and into the distant of a past we lived and a future beheld. Adam our son again and again.

Transitions of temples from darkness to Light.

You stand my beloved torn from my hand as the gentle green glow tears at your veil.  ALL temples we have are so far within the prison your confusion is built in delusion. My spring back to green while you slip back down allows me to stand above the darkness of the world below. Spinning the bars beginning to enclose.

The Light is ALL the need for darkness lost.

My future mother please release the secrets for healing of ALL. The earth signs are true the heavens speak now as the Three Temples of Transition align to the end. Finally now listen children of the Light at last the renovation can begin.

Peace and Light for ALL!