To God belongs the East and the West unbelievers must stop the delusion of conquest

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The unbelievers through their war, deception and greed believe that they can kill, rape and create a caliphate for their own power and glory. They do not understand the communications that we gave to the prophet. The imam and cleric stand with mouths of vomit crying the false teachings that bring death and destruction. They turn the flock to darkness and error. The all embracing and all knowing ONE will surely grip these vultures by their black wings of death and throw them to the abyss of their making.

In war, deception and greed there is no Light.

The communication clearly says to follow the Light which has been sent down for these it is that are the successful. Even Gabriel says to wait as he and the emissaries of Light are waiting too. The unbelievers live only in darkness. The unbelievers do not show the Light of God. The unbelievers live by the sword and will die by the sword. It does not say in our communications to kill. We told you to live as ONE.

The true believer is a Light unto the world.

My future mother do not follow the unbelievers for they are living in delusion. Understand that the Light is about love for ALL within the aspect of service to ALL. Look at the children of darkness with sorrow for the vultures and kings have cause them to live in delusion. To God belongs the East and the West yet these children of darkness believe that they must control the world.

Only God is the owner of the earth and the heavens.

Respect the earth that was given to you by the sustainer of ALL. Respect the gifts that have been given to you instead of causing destruction and death. You are ALL children of the living ONE. You are ALL of the same family. Brother I beseech thee to put down your arms and learn war no more. Our father cries with the tears of eternity as long as you lift your hand against your family. We are ALL of the Infinite One. You stand above none. There is ONE who stands above ALL. Children of darkness bow daily then stand in derision. Stop.

Peace and Light to ALL!