Through building community the children of Light will expose the Tree of Life forever more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am the messenger of the Light. I am in this realm to bring in the new cycle of peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness. Within that purpose I have reminded our family how to open the Light forever more into this realm. Soon the Tree of Life will again be available within our Gardens.

The Light is of the Infinite ONE and of our Unity.

My future mother as you are planting the trees and edibles to feed our family you are also building community. It is through this community that our Unity will be found. We must live as ONE. We must be as ONE. We must share and have ALL things in common. Service to ALL so that ALL are taken care of by ALL is the way of life. It is only through this truth that suffering ends and the cycle of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness is found by ALL.

My future mother gather our family as ONE.

The “Secrets of God” reveal that 500 of our family is required to live and work together to reveal the Tree of Life. The last time it was attempted our world still had an air of purity. This world has fallen into darkness of the material. Even as I Mika’el struggle within this world so too will it be difficult to open the Tree of Life. The little book shares that we are to make a mountain onto God. As the prophet states this little one will become a thousand. This is the key to our success.

The Light Event is a gift from the Infinite Creator.

The Light is pure love, comfort and healing. The Tree of Life holds within it transformation. Together we will heal our Gardens, our family and our future for ALL. Soon my future mother it will be.

Peace and Light to ALL!