Thieves in the night are unbelievers and adherents to the One World Religion

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The dark warlord vomits the deceptions to an angry people adorned in the spoils of his war. His shriveled right arm shows the gold of delusion as to why he is fighting to control the caliphate. The oil and riches of the conquered are the glimmer in his blinded right eye.  Like a thief in the night he leaves in his wake destruction as even the children of darkness look on with amazement and fear. Even in their darkness they cannot understand one so callous towards the realm of the Infinite One.

Communications of Light told you to learn war no more.

In their heady conspiracies against the Light the unbelievers toil to control when we have told them time and time again that it wasn’t theirs to own. Yet they still stand upon the podium of their delusions as the vomit spills from their mouths regurgitating the bile of forebears bent on war, deception and greed. Yet they will not stop until the dark days of derision are upon them from the believers within their ranks. Those who understand the deceptions will turn their backs and lay down their weapons when the truth of the communications are understood.

When the One World Religion crumbles ALL will turn to the Light.

There will come a day when the earth is not raped and pillaged for delusional wealth of the temporal. In that day the trees within the kingdom of the North will never be stolen for profit. In that day the blood of the earth will cease flowing in the kingdom of the South. In that day the kingdom of the East will stop tearing the resources from the earth. In that day the suffering of the little ones will cease as the kingdoms of the world learn war no more.

In the Light the treasures of the earth are respected for ALL.

My future mother continue to plant the food to sustain our brothers and sisters. Continue to build community in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The Light has no room for unbelievers bent on war, deception and greed. The Infinite One gave us ALL the earth to share for all generations of our people not just for those unbelievers who act like thieves in the night. Their only reward will be the eternal darkness of the abyss while we will enter into the gentle green glow of the Garden for evermore.

Peace and Light to ALL!