The world must stop teaching little ones war, deception and greed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed violence starts with children against children. Daily the reports that weapons that are so freely available are being used by the little ones. Even the king sitting on his throne speaks out and wonders why his society is so distraught and in decline.

The little ones should be taught the Light not of darkness.

Soon the day will be when the world learns war no more. The deception of the children of darkness will fall into the abyss for evermore. The little ones will be taught that ALL are ONE when war, deception and greed are left in the abyss of darkness.

In the Light there is only Unity.

My future mother when we ALL are within the Garden none will suffer again. We will trade our spears for pruning hooks to tend to the Garden. The trees will feed. The little ones will live together with no fear or darkness for evermore.

When the shofar sounds turn to the Light of the morning.

The little ones will stop the war when deception turns to truth. When little ones tend to the Garden of giving all greed will fall to the past. When the darkness fades there will only be Light for ALL. My future mother soon the shofar will sound and the world will know the end is near.

Peace and Light to ALL.