The vicar of Rome opened the windows releasing the vultures long ago

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The vulture upon the pulpit professes that he is anointed with his riches and blessings of the material overflowing. As he looks out at the stadium before him of eager onlookers who believe his testimony of darkness he feeds their ego of want and self. Money and possessions are his message. I am. It is all for me. I want. I want. Repeat after me. The sound of his discourse go on.

Give of yourselves and you will be given as the true Anointed speaks.

Yet the darkness of this vulture born of the vicar relents not to the truth and to the Light. Not once do they say to give but only to take what you believe you deserve. My earthly father has given his life to these lies and to this darkness. As I watch him grow old I know that in his sickness and in his death these vultures will just want more. He has paid the price to live in their house yet the door is closed shut when he is in need. Darkness has no room for anyone other than the owner.

If the religions of man were true they would care for ALL.

My future mother be not deceived by these vultures spawned of the vicar of Rome and the deception of  darkness they profess. They hold their books in the air as a means to their end. As puppets pulled by the marionettes strings they vomit the bile that was given to them so long ago. The message of unity, sharing and compassion traded for the darkness of ego and self. The legions of the vicar stand above with outstretched hands waiting on payment for the salvation they promise.

They stand in reward of the darkness they crave and behold.

These legions of darkness pull these treasures from a weeping earth and the future children without a heritage. These spoiled children of darkness have formulated their destruction based on the deception the vicar created. They believe that the earth will be reborn for them. In an instant they believe that they will get even more to take and ruin. Even the vicar likes to sit amongst his gold and idols he so valiantly defends in his darkness.

In the heavens there is no religion only adoration of the ONE.

My future mother build your community as the Light does show. As you care for your family you care for ALL and live in the true religion of Light. Look into the eyes of your brother and see the ONE. Look into the eyes of your neighbor and see the ONE. Look to the east and look to the west there you will see the ONE. We are ALL together in Unity. The children of darkness will be swallowed by the alone as the children of Light are embraced by the ALL. Soon my future mother after my battle is won the darkness will be put asunder and we will ALL be together again in the Light of our Garden.

Peace and Light to ALL!