The vicar of darkness devoured the earth and broke it into pieces

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The end times are now. Unfortunately the world is still under the specter of the Roman vicar that teacher of lies from old. The children of darkness twist the prophecy in a delusional attempt to show these teachings are of the Light. These children are all puffed up living in their lies. That enemy of mine from of old lingers in the darkness of this age.

The vicar changed the times and the laws for his own glory.

Standing on his pulpit of power denying the truth of the first Anointed one the Roman vicar speaks treacherously against the truth. The laws were eradicted and changed to his liking. The calendar given by us when we closed the tree was denied. The traditions of truth were put asunder for his new traditions of darkness. Religions of men were melded together to create the vomit of error that treads the earth down.

The vicar devoured the earth and broke it into pieces.

By the power of his pulpit the teacher of lies gave the children of darkness something that was not his to give. Instead of preaching Land and Life are ONE the Roman vicar gave the land for division to these lustful children. Now the truth cannot be seen as the earth is controlled by money and not free for ALL.

The children of darkness do not understand the prophecy.

As the first told in the time of the end of the Temples the Testimony would be told to the world before that end came. The Testimony was presented and that end came. The vicar of darkness has since changed the true Testimony for the testimony of darkness. When the world knows the truth again this end will come.

The end times are now as Land and Life will soon be ONE.

My future mother follow the Light that I have brought back into this darkness. Continue planting the trees and fruits of the field for ALL. Soon the world will see our example and follow us into the Light. My emissaries tell me that your community is growing. Soon I Mika’el will be upon the world and the true testimony will be known. Remember my future mother choose the Light and you will have success.

Peace and Light to ALL!