The time is now to stand together and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The spreading gloom cannot be comforted by a moment away from the reality of the times. As the world sits behind the doors of their security a false hope lingers. There are none who stand up for the good and the righteous. Hiding they wonder who and when the one to stand will be. Never them nor anyone they care to know yet it takes one to stand up for the innocents and the little ones caught in the darkness.

Standing in the Light attracts others to the Light.

It will not be alone that anyone climbs out of the darkness. The Light I have brought to the world is shining for those who wish to adjoin to it. Yet through the days and weeks there seems to be none who approach the Light to inquire of the coming storm. Even those witnesses who have stood and have seen the Light that I carry go back to their homes and their lives as the wars rage. The signs of the death growing in the oceans stir none. The signs of the pestilence within the corners of the world stir none. The writings and design disclosed cause none to stand.

The Light is so foreign to the darkness that pervades.

Before the fourth Tsade moon the works will be published and the times outlined. The next three years as the end times are made aware the gathering will be attempted and the seal removed. The children of darkness will mock as they have. The kings and leaders will openly turn against the wonderment. The vicar of darkness will try to claim his dark throne as the seat of Light. The clerics of darkness will disavow the truth in favor of darkness. Of the billions alive only a small percentage will be wise and know.

The Light is growing as the cleaving becomes clear.

My future mother when you see that the Light is upon the world and the gathering is announced stand tall for the horizon of the Garden grows close. The community of One and the Unity of ALL will soon be living within the blessed aspect of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. As we lend our service to all and repair the waste places with food and shelter for ALL the children who once held their grip to our home will give up their war machines in favor of plows to till so that we may care for all.

Peace and Light to ALL!