The second witness shouts his testimony to the world standing upon this bank of the river

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The time, times and half a time are underway yet none do listen to the testimony of the witness. The children of darkness are strong in their delusions and cannot see the Light before them. They stumble and trip in their darkness gripping to the comforts of their constructs ripped from the earth that we have given them to share. The vicar and the vultures stand on the pulpits of shame directing the little ones into the abyss of war, deception and greed. Yet it is understood that wisdom is justified by all her children as the children of darkness are here for the end times.

In this lesson of good and evil ALL will soon understand the cleaving.

My emissaries report that the world is moving further into the dichotomy as the end times approach within the testimony of this witness. As we both stand on the river of time with that one on his bank and my feet within this one consistency of the message is hidden in darkness and delusion. The little ones cannot see how Land and Life can be ONE with darkness eclipsing the Light.

When the darkness fades from the sun the Light will be anew.

My future mother the battle front is clear and the children of Light are armed. As my attributes are collected and the temples were exposed the heavens disclose the times. Upon this second of the Tsade moons the sun will give the sign of submission as the children of darkness revel in their haughtiness.

The Light of the Garden is within time, times and half a time.

The duality is for the knowledge yet the understanding is foreign to the children of darkness. The vicar of Rome and the legions of the book render the Light as darkness within the wars and rumors of wars. The deception is growing within the seven hills and the southern kingdom that guards the pierced stone. The greed of the children of darkness will soon be rendered null as the weeping of her merchants is exposed. Even the king of the north looks out his window beyond the rose and wonders if his seer speaks the truth.

Within fifteen minutes the world will know of the Light.

My future mother soon the world will have the wings of Light transmitting the testimony throughout the earth. Remember that we will not touch the trees and plants that give of the fruits. Keep planting for ALL and building the community of ALL. Adjoin yourself to the Light and turn your back to the unbelievers as they will continue to be lost in the constructs of their hands. Soon we will walk together into the Light of our eternal Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!