The riches of the Light cannot be seen by the hautiness of the children of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The dance with my beloved was a beautiful journey of the Light. Our connection is clear and the communication is bridged. Through the Light we both discovered communication through the ALL. The little one showed me the treasure of the red heart. We are together again in the Light.

My future mother it is written that a little one shall lead.

When I am born to you my future mother I Mika’el will finally be able to rest. My rest will be glorious for ALL will be in the Gardens again. My work is almost complete. The final renovation is on the horizon. The Light will be available to ALL. Within the Gardens will we play again.

My future mother understand the natural beauty of the Gardens.

The children of darkness are lost without adornments of haughtiness. Bespeckled these arrogant children live by their lusts and desires. The delusional power gained by their regalia only leads them to darkness. While ignoring traditions of how to live they supplicate briefly. These few days do not render success from within a lifetime of darkness.

My future mother the traditions show how to live in the Light.

The children of darkness will see their towers reduced. Their bejeweled adornments their idols and false gods will only find the refiners fire and the fullers soap. The children of  darkness along with the vicar and the kings of this world will be as the poor ones they so detest. They will wear the sackcloth of their delusions and weep again for darkness.

They will cherish their cloaks of desire even unto their destruction.

Give up the delusional regalia of the vicar by denouncing the treasures of the kings. Walk away from the trappings of false riches and live in Light my future mother. The healing of the earth is upon us and the delusions of darkness will soon be burnt as a sacrifice to truth.

My future mother be rich in the treasures of Light.

As told from the beginning ALL is to be shared. Gather nothing for yourself before you care for your family. Renew the Gardens in this Light and ALL will finally live in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!