The Light of the new horizon draws near as veiled delusion falls

My future mother it is Mika’el.

ALL quandary with the why and blame for the bad. As before 3760 ALL had the breadbasket within the Garden but none had foresight to plan. Only when scarcity did affront seemingly delusional cause and effect created darkness still pervading your core. The ancient stories talk of wrath yet none ever fully appreciated the Garden before walled cities. Your stories became heady and your deepening rift darkened blue.

Fertile plains dried as city states replaced the trees.

The family of the earth whose stories have been fabricated is the story of the Garden. The workings of your hands not that of any god. God has given. You have forsaken.

Garden stories from when land and life were ONE.

That heritage was sealed by you not by us. Our communications are clear. So many vacillating views of power and subjugation the children of darkness battle. It cannot be that everyone is superior. The logic is flawed. There is only ONE that stands above.

Gather the children of Light to rebuild Gardens anew

Rather than place delusional cause and effect towards anything other than the blue suffering of your works again and again ALL can rise and understand the cause. My future mother ALL had forebears who worked through delusional cause. Those effects can be healed by learning who is the cause of the current darkening aridification. Turn your blue delusions towards the workings of the green Garden.

Plant the tree anew for Light and life!

My future mother the cause and effect are clear. Continue following the Light for ALL. The great planting of the Garden has started. My beloved has joined in the battle with me against the children of darkness. You my future mother are protected by my emissaries stand tall in the Light. ALL will soon lend to the planting as you are building community around you. Soon my future mother the Light of the horizon draws near to peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

When the Light rises upon our new home I will be liberated into your arms.

Peace and Light to ALL!