The Light is within ALL as we are here to heal our family and the earth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Yesterday as I planted a new garden and spoke of the Light a butterfly danced around me. The fluttering play around my hand and body simply amazed this woman interested in the Light. The other beings on this realm recognize the Light but our family does not know what to make of it. The Light is a mirror. Sometimes a mirror is a true reflection we don’t like to see.

Live in the Unity my future mother and you will know the Light.

An open door and a welcoming heart is where the home lies. For so many the doors are closed. Our lives are shut off to our human family. Our hearts are of stone and flesh is a barren bridge. We have built waste places where there should be fields of grain. Many find comfort in things as our Unity has been broken.

My future mother ALL have the Light within.

Just as the butterfly knew that I am Mika’el ALL are a spark of the ONE. Within ALL does the Light shine. No matter how dark you believe that a member of our family is always reach your hand into the abyss in rescue. Even though the children of darkness are afraid and do not understand the Light there is ONE greater than us who will stand in judgement of ALL. Yes even I Mika’el bow before the recompense in shame and sorrow. None are immune.

My future mother the Light is here to heal the ALL.

Soon the Light will be seen by our entire family. The Unity will be proclaimed again and choice given. Stand not in judgement of anyone but yourself. When you see the Light and look into your mirror be not afraid. Understand that mirror is not your next step but that which you may walk from.

By free will ALL will make a choice of Light or darkness.

My future mother I know you will choose the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!