The Light is service to others and love for ALL within peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the wars of self other self and nations rage the darkness is thickening without relent. The children of darkness are striking at each other without regard. The law is corrupt. The governments are corrupt. The little ones are lost in the slavery and subjugation of the One World Religion of money. The nations of the world struggle to contain the madness that is foaming from the mouths of the haughty children of darkness.

The Light is a beacon lost in the fog of darkness.

I have tried to spread the Light and my emissaries attempt to guide those to the fading lustre. The material is too thick as the battle for the little ones move forward. On every front the darkness seeps into the lives daily as new crisis pile on top of those crisis which are yet unresolved. Yet I feel that in an instant the Light will eclipse the earth with a sudden wave of comfort and relief from delusion. If I could send out the testimony that I was sent here for in an instant I would but free will and choice are the standards that I must also uphold. Darkness is a choice as my heart cries for those who do not understand the Light.

The horizon of Light is nearing the little ones who deserve it.

My future mother the Gardens will be built anew. The Light will transform the earth for ALL. The little ones will never again be subjugated upon the glorious mountain that we are building. The Light I bring to this earth is for ALL children of the Living God. As we are ALL ONE in the Light so too will the Light be there for ALL. In a moment the choice can be made. Just remember to have the love for ALL and begin your service to others so that we can stand together hand in hand walking into the Light of a new day.

Peace and Light to ALL!