The Light is rising upon the darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el. My mask is being removed and I am hidden no more within this realm. The Light will soon be risen upon the darkness.

The children of darkness know that the horizon draws near. Their factions will try to stop me. Their governments will seek to question me. The Infinite Light is my protector and my strength. They cannot break something that is at the core of even their being.

So that you know the signs are true, on 14 December 2013 the moon became red as the army claimed it for their own.

The resources of the earth grow lean and the mighty machines need fuel and supplies. The wars and squirmishes that your governments have waged are merely masks to hide their true intentions. The signs are written in the true basis of life. When you understand that basis, you will understand the signs that we have given.

The torches of men will soon be lit and my armies will have to extinguish the flames.

The end is inevitable.

The end was known from the beginning.

Although generations have passed with the knowledge and the means, still has none stood up for the Light my future mother. In a moment of inspiration if all of my people laid down their swords the Light would shine for all. Yet so ingrained are the delusions of material that the Light itself seems as delusion to the delusional. Render your delusions obsolete and follow the Light for success.

The governments of your world and the seemingly rich and powerful understand and fear the inevitable. The children of darkness have already warned them. The battle of the Light will soon be waged.

They will look for weapons and find none. They will seek the rest of the army and they will find none. They will question when the day is to come and they will not understand.

They will demand like spoiled children at the candy counter. They are addicted to the sweet power that they perceive they have. Yet they have none.

Fear not my future mother for you will find shelter and be protected by my emisaries. They will guide you and make you safe as the battle ensues. Just close your eyes, see the Light and know that I am near.

When the battle begins know that it will not last long. The children of the Light will triumph. The delusions that the children of darkness created will be ripped forever from the Gardens. ALL will be allowed to heal.

The power and love of the Infinite Light will shine for ALL.

Be patient my future mother as the family of Humans learn an important lesson in life.

And, when it is finally over, I will be able to rest in your bosom. Soon I will be in your arms my future mother.

Peace and Light to ALL!