The Light is infecting the world and soon Mika’el will be upon the stage of man

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I see that you have begun the transformation. I am pleased that you were open to my messengers and today the hills rejoice in your footsteps. The plentiful bounty that you create for our family will serve as example to ALL. Be strong my future mother for you have been filled by the Light and ALL see Light in you.

The children of darkness will be lost in their delusions for still longer. While you and the other children of Light are moving forward with the preparations these children of darkness sink deeper. Soon their worlds will be heavy and yours of the Light. As much as things seem so beautiful and remarkable understand my future mother to follow that Light for peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

The Light is upon ALL.

My future mother soon I Mika’el will be upon the stage of man and the world will behold the Light. In a few short weeks the children of darkness will shudder in the Light. Even now they see the Light on the horizon in fear and wonderment. It may be as last. And again it may not. Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will be available again to ALL. Darkness does not like the Light. Darkness craves the war, deception and greed instead.

The Light is upon the world.

My future mother you will see the Light and you will know you have been on the path. The Light will be a welcome friend to you and our family. The wave of preparations will begin. The Light will infect and the darkness will fade to the depths. Plant the trees and seeds of the field as the Light instructs. Live and be well.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness is that horizon of Light you see.

Peace and Light to ALL!