The Light Event will occur within the moons of tsade signified by the grand cross

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My journey of spirit was successful in arranging the Light Event for this realm my future mother. As predicted we are within the moons of Tsade. The Grand Cross raised within the heavens signaled the end of darkness and the beginning of Light. This August is whence the Levite will become polished in the refiner’s fire. Soon the children of Light will gather for the Light Event predicted from the beginning.

When the Tree of Life opens my future mother behold the Light.

I will talk directly to you my future mother as I peer out to ALL. The Light will shine for the world to see. The night will be as day and days will be never ending. The Light is for ALL to show the way to the ONE. The Light is the comfort and peace of being which heals ALL.

Plant the trees and seed bearing plants my future mother.

The children of darkness will not like the Light my future mother. Already the followers of apostasy are continuing in the grand duality playing out within their generation. Upon recognition of this lesson in space and time their kings will run and try to hide from the ONE. They have divided the earth without authority. They have divided my children without regard. The kings have no authority but those given by their constructs and delusions. The vicar walks away shamed as ALL will turn their back. The kings wander left with not.

The Light will show the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for ALL.

Continue the preparations for ALL of our family my future mother. After the changes and the torches of man are extinguished we will be able to be free. The Gardens you are starting now my future mother will feed our family for generations. When it is time to heal the earth our Gardens will be saved.

Remember my future mother follow the Light for success.

Peace and Light to ALL!