The infinite Light that I carry is not mine but for ALL in the loss of self

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The suffering of my people from the darkness of their delusions lies in inexorable defiance to the Oneness of ALL. We are ALL. The simple fact of existence that we are interconnected and a part of each other. As we breath in we breath out and the air moves to the next. As the sun shines on me it shines on you. As the rain falls upon my face you walk in the puddle it creates. We cannot run from existence or the truths that lie within.

Infinite Light surrounds ALL and encompasses us with life and knowledge.

We all create that which we live. The children of darkness create their delusions and wonder why the pain of their existence is. Kings and leaders spout their vomit and hold the people within the slavery of ideologies. Religions hold to haughty power structures while turning their backs and walking in the filth they create. Then they turn and cry when the darkness they have made is not the life that they want to behold. The pure land you seek is not made by your desire it is crafted by the lessons of existence that uphold the Light and life before you.

Within the Light there is a loss that gives way to treasures for ALL.

The pure land of my creation will be free from the constructs of ego. The pure land of my creation will be free from the delusions of mine and theirs. The pure land of my creation will be modeled after the pure land of existence. It is only through this understanding that there can be peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness in the Light for ALL. It is only when you lose yourself that you are able to see the true Light emanating from the Infinite for the benefit of ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!