The heavens signal a new beginning for the earth and our family of Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The preparations have been completed and soon I will battle the forces of darkness for our home.

This battle will be like nothing the children of darkness have yet seen. It will take them by surprise and will flood the earth with the army of Light. As it has been foretold ten thousand of my army will go forth upon this earth to first show ALL the error of their ways and to plead before them to change from war, deception  and greed to the everlasting peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness that I bring.

Yet I know that these children of darkness will murmur, mock and with their mouths speak great lies in defense of their error. These wayward children will cling to their apostasy even to their destruction. Yet the foundations of their shame will be revealed and the cornerstone of their reverence unto these false gods will be torn asunder.

My future mother I am Mika’el and I have awoken.

Fear not children of the Light for this battle is for you. We have entered this realm again to liberate our people. We have gathered our forces to protect this earth. We have awoken to the truth that the time to create change and dispel the delusions is upon all of our family of this earth.

My future mother you will witness this battle and many amazing wonders of the Light. Be not afraid. Stand tall to your knowledge and be wise. The wicked will continue to dwell in their wickedness and will create their own destruction. The mountains of man will crumble at the hands of my army of Light.

This civilization of error is approaching the final days.

My future mother rejoice, stand tall and follow the Light when it appears to the world. Continue to build the Gardens and plant the edible trees throughout the lands. These we will spare so that the children of the Light will be fed after the apostasy ends.

Peace and Light to ALL!