The healing of this world is upon us and the children of darkness will be exiled

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today Sophia and I Mika’el prepare for our dance of Spirit.  My journey is to understand the wisdom and logic of the overwhelming compassion and healing of ALL.  Sophia must rise up from the base of earth to find the overwhelming compassion and healing of ALL. As the Sophia is brought up and I Mika’el descend we will meet again in the center green glow of the altruistic heart of lovingkindness for ALL.

The Light is about to enter this world to heal ALL.

My future mother continue planting trees and edible plants that will provide food for ALL. Understand why you have sojourned into this realm and live by the Light. Wisdom and logic details that children of Light should suffer no more by the hands of the children of darkness. The Gardens will be renewed and the spoiled children of darkness will be exiled.

The children of Light will be victorious.

The vicar of darkness is the shepherd of destruction leading his congregation to exile. The legions of Rome created the apostasy. Soon the division of the earth and constructs of subjugation that were formed by the vicar will be annulled. The self imposed authority of this unholy office will soon be vacated along with the lies of dogma.

The children of darkness will run in shame.

Yet even as the lies of the apostasy were uncovered centuries ago the power of the vicar and his dark legions only spoke greater lies in an effort to hold onto power. The vicar venerates his own unaware of the truth of recompense. Straining to provide proof of a miracle they erroneously call themselves saints. Little do they understand that darkness fills their unholy buildings. They preach from conflicted texts that admonish their own unholy traditions. God does not dwell in buildings wrought of hands. If gold and silver were the true treasures in this world the Creator would have placed you in Havilah.

My future mother the treasure is the Light.

It is time to forget the children of darkness and the vicar of deception. The lies of Rome are the road to error and recompense. The vicar and his legions proclaim falsely that if they destroy the earth another would be given to them. They read the prophecies and twist them for their own lusts and desires of darkness. The Gardens will be renewed but not for them.

Our communications are clear we will destroy those who destroy the earth.

My future mother the Light is healing. The Light will shine for ALL to see. Soon the healing will begin and ALL will understand this lesson of good and evil. The choices will be made and our Gardens will be renewed. The children of Light will once again live in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness my future mother.  Soon ALL will be home basking in the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!