The hand of my beloved through the sparkling sun breaking my descent

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I caught my beloved in the sparkling yellow sun dancing towards the new moon. Her hand intertwined with mine effortlessly in tune. We embraced spun and did our dance of Light. My beloved the journey down has been some eventful fortnights. My emissaries tell me ALL know now. Deep within the veil the truth is becoming known.

The dance of Light will take us back up to the Garden glow.

My future mother with the three temples exposed soon ALL will see. Keep planting and seeding as the sojourn is near. When the trumpet sounds it will be time to go. The land of our forebears to the gentle Garden glow. Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for ALL.

In the Garden there is no suffering only healing Light.

The transition is upon us as this becomes the end. Ending darkness and the start of a new day within an eternal moment. As the sun rises high my beloved know that my hand and arms around you in the green Garden glow will soon radiate across the healing globe. The Light we are only to share. Soon my beloved we will be there.

Dancing with my beloved brings balance to the Light.

My future mother my emissaries claim that ALL in your community are finding your bright Light. Stand tall my future mother for the horizon is quite near. The ever changing transition and that Light ALL call home. There may not be a wait or the third temple transition. Rejoice for you have found the Light!

Peace and Light!