The first moon of Tsade Mika’el will dance through Light with his beloved

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My beloved has prepared for our dance of Light. ALL wait for the adjoining. Upon the closest apex of femine an aspect of the original Light is mirrored for ALL. The spinning of infinite time and space sparks the flame. Between the duality is Light for ALL.

My future mother the Light will soon fill the night.

This first full moon of the Tsade begins the transformation to Light. As this moons journey is to be exclusively of night the spark could offset the darkness. If instead the moons journey is of day the fire of duality burns. As the ancient spark was lit so too will the Light be as day.

Rejoice my future mother when darkness turns to Light.

In just three days time my beloved and I Mika’el will dance before the uninitiated. From her circle to my circle infinity awaits the adjoining. Her preparations are nearly complete. Spirit shown a journey of faith so my beloved becomes witness to the Light.

Between the material divide I Mika’el will dance with my beloved through Light.

Those in her circle will see our connection. The Light will be unmistakable. Our dance of Light is for the uninitiated. From this first Tsade moon the Light will rise from the feminine and balance will resume within our Garden.

Peace and Light to ALL!