The earth screams for release as the signs of the end are growing in intensity

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The earth is screaming for release as the signs in the kingdom of the north are evidence. The rains, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes have been and will increase as the children of darkness trade their egotistical desires for the truth that Land and Life are One. As your greedy hands cause destruction do not cry to the One of Light for mercy or respite. You have disrespected the footstool and the fullness therein.

Destruction is in the eyes of the beholder.

The earth and all of her systems protect the ALL from the destruction that comes from the hands of the children of darkness. As we told you when we reset your clock 5775 years in the past and gave you the subscribed times of sevens as the heartbeat of the earth grows weak it will protect itself from even you. As the crust is fracked and the oil is stolen from the earth the vibrations will cause the yellow caldera to soon release in a fury.

Raping and pillaging the earth only ends in darkness.

Not only are the children of darkness killing the earth and all life therein but the greed of their delusion also brings death to their descendants heritage. For the delusional power that the One World Religion brings to those who venerate money and material the slippery slope of death is the only thing you will know. As the vultures hunger grows so too does the eventuality of the darkness of the abyss.

Live in the Light when Land and Life are One.

The Light is upon the world and the children of darkness will be given a wake up call to change their errant ways. They will see that the vicar and the kings have deceived the world within the walls of delusion. As the children of the Light grow in numbers the darkness will slowly retreat. When this aspect of war, deception and greed are overcome by the Light of love for ALL peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will rise from the ashes of the darkness.

Peace and Light to ALL!