The earth deserves your utmost respect as we enter the Jubilee year

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The Jubilee year is almost upon us. The earth deserves a rest. The earth has been beaten up, raped and left for dead. The earth needs to be healed from the harm that the children of darkness have inflicted upon it.

Your lack of respect for your home has caused us to enter your realm and heal the earth.

Before we do heal the earth, I am here to cause change towards the Light. My writings show our family how to live on this earth safeguarding it for all generations of our family. Live in the compassion and knowledge that I leave you and the earth will be healed naturally and without such enormous change.

Respect your home and live.

My future mother the earth is your bread basket and pillow. The earth was created for you and your descendants. The earth was created for our entire family not just for the spoiled children of darkness who contiue on their path of ruin. They are ruining the earth, ruining their heritage and ruining their life itself.

Respect the earth and live.

If everyone would plant fruit and nut trees at their homes, within their neighborhoods, at their schools, in the vacant land and everywhere they can suffering and the ills of society will fall by the wayside. Just by planting fruit and nut trees in abundance as your forebears were instructed.

My future mother the earth can be healed. I know that you will heed my words and will do as instructed. If the rest of our family on earth also listened to my words the wave of Light would spread throughout the earth and would be felt throughout the heavens.

My future mother take the lead. Plant fruit and nut trees in abundance. By you doing this others will understand and follow in your footsteps.

Respect the earth for ALL.

If the children of darkness continue on their path of destruction the earth will heal itself. If the earth has to heal itself it will do so without regard to the people of the earth as it is you spoiled children of darkness that have caused the earth to be beaten up, raped and left for dead. In the end you spoiled children of darkness will get your fair justice.

My future mother heed my words and understand that a Jubilee year is upon us and the earth deserves your utmost respect.

Peace and Light to ALL!