The descent of Mika’el is completed his mask is off and the battle for the Garden ensues

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am upon the earth yet again to rescue the children of the Light from the grips of darkness. I pray they listen yet the darkness has thickened to an unbearable stench of self. They have taken our fair earth and drained the life and Light from the core. These children of darkness take that which is not theirs. They destroy and build walls to enclose. Even the pierced stone of my staff is wrapped by their delusions of worship. First I Mika’el must find my attributes then the rock will be freed.

The staff of Mika’el stands ready.

The wood is plentiful and my emissaries tell me the crystal yet glows with my awakening. If the breastplate cannot be found the ancient instructions are fairly legible. We are amazed that the Light within has not recognized the jewels of Light within these texts. As those the anointing oils and my other preparations are completed the walls must be cleared. Then as the staff enters the navel the Light will be sealed.

First the abomination that causes desolation must be removed.

The ancient texts must be fixed and the stream of teachings purified. We gave instructions yet the forebears of darkness prevailed for a time. The Light has no room for war, deception and greed as the darkness will stay behind within the realm of their design. The cleaving is soon little ones adjoin to this wisdom of Mika’el and the Light.

Soon my future mother the Light of the Gardens will open for ALL.

My travel to the ancient lands will commence shortly. The squirmish that ensued earlier verified that the aspect of darkness has reached their own negative vibrations. As the children of darkness fall collectively below the ONE the Light rises above. Negative for negative as the Light deserves not. All have waited and soon the Garden will glow.

Peace and Light to ALL!