The delusion of darkness numbs the little ones from the war, deception and greed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The unbelievers that took the school girls have stolen more women and the world turns the pages of their lives. The numbing influx of darkness rips at the compassion through apathy and continuance. There will be no end to the subjugation and suffering at the hands of the masculine until the feminine rises above.

Fog of darkness is difficult to see through.

The vicar of darkness sits on his throne of gold and gems wondering how money can solve the darkness of the world. Throwing money at thieves will only leave you with less money while the societal problems in darkness will subsist. The only way to cure the breach of apostasy is with the knowledge that the children of darkness hide.

Service to others takes no money only dedication to Light.

My future mother fall not into the trap of the material that the vicar and his legions of darkness set for ALL. The trees give their seeds freely to ALL. The sun does shine the life giving light for no remuneration. The winds do blow, the rains do fall and the fallen plants give life again when put underground as part of their service to ALL. This is the core of existence as it should be at the core of ALL.

When existence gives for free as money is a construct of darkness.

Every day more people go hungry and die of starvation with the growing famines around the world. By planting trees and using the free gifts that the ONE does supply thankfulness and respect is the only return asked for the Life you are given. Rejoice! Soon when we enter the Garden of Light my future mother ALL will be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!