The dark vicar speaks the dangers of money and power yet holds to his with haughty delight

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The Light is growing upon the world yet so many do not understand that it comes from within. The Spirit is strong when the Teachings are understood. Yet the so called world religions have taken the truths and put them under the rug of their deceptions. The individual is the true power. The kingdom of God is within us ALL. That is the truth of the Light. That is the spark that will adjoin the world to peace. Once ALL understand that we are children of the living God and living in Unity the power struggles and the greed will stop in this era of war, deception and greed.

Let your Light shine and reject the delusions of false religions.

The dark vicar claims that money and power are false idols which often take the place of God yet he does not empty the bank to feed people. He will not give up the throne that he falsley claims. He will not plant edibles on all of the land that he stole from God to feed the hungry in those communities. Yet the true idols which pollute the corridors of his walls speak and breath not as the vicar bows before them. Relinquish your false power and your stolen riches vicar of Rome before you spew more deception to the world. Wrench your fine robes to the sackcloth you should adorn.

Religions of men do not understand the Light.

Revelation 2016 will soon be published giving further understanding of the Light and the truth of the Teachings. The temple of your body is the containment of the Spirit. It is this Lamp that you should be filling with the sacred oils. By respecting your temple and ALL temples given by God does the true religion require. We are ALL ONE. Anything else is blasphemy, heresy and a house divided. We gave the instructions of Light so that you may find the truth. It is those like the dark vicar who have created religious delusion to keep the world from the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!