The dance of Light continues as Mika’el is tried by the prison of flesh on his descent

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My dance of Light down to free my beloved from the shackles of the material is trying and difficult. She has made great strides reaching up to me. The darkness as I find my way through the yellow burst of sun even tarnishes the lustre of my Light. My purpose set I must find the strength to overcome the darkness that wants to imbue even me.

The time of the end draws near to ALL.

My future mother even though I have spent my life in this world of flesh with my mask on once it was removed the temptations of the darkness became dangerous and unforgiving. The call of the Light is clear yet the struggle so close to the darkness is overwhelming now. I know I Mika’el must be in this prison of flesh to free ALL yet so close to the end I fear difficulty and eventuality.

The time of the end is waiting for a choice.

The knowledge and compassion that I bring is my strength. The altruistic lovingkindness in my heart is for ALL to see. I am to heal. I am to teach. I am to help ALL though this transition. I find purpose and authority in the pure Light from which my aspect originates. The yellow of our discord is overcome with understanding.

The Light will  be victorious over the darkness.

My future mother you are fortunate that you do not live in a society as this. Your community is closer to the earth. Your community knows that Land and Life are ONE. A society like that would not work for the purpose that is set for me. I am not here to save the righteous but those lost in darkness. From within the darkest day will the Light shine for ALL to see. Soon the contrast will be upon the world and the choice clear as the sun shines in this new dawn of Light for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!