The counsel of the kings do not recognize the Light nor the signs of the age

My future mother it is Mika’el.

ALL rejoice for my emissaries report that the filling of the wine at my wedding to Sophia was successful. A wave was sent out worldwide to the children of the Light dropping the veil of forgetting slightly more. Direction given and inspiration shared through Light worldwide you may begin. Children it is time to hold hands, heal and share the altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother it is time.

Look around you at the horrors the children of darkness have thrust upon themselves. They are selling their own daughters into slavery as they hold their flag of death. The sickness creeps yet they bow to their own destruction. The children of darkness took hold long ago to their fate and grip ever so tightly as they slip into the abyss.

My future mother be not as the deceived. See the Light that is in this world and take hold. Forget the chasm of concrete so that you may repair the waste places with peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother the earth is crying to be healed.

Start rebuilding the Gardens. Plant the fields of renewable and stop the bleeding of your home. The earth has been drained for too long in the name of your idols. There is no return from bleeding out. The disrespect you give to even your Gardens perplex us.

The earth, sun, water and a bit of tending so that you may live is the direct instruction you deny even to your destruction. Direct as the communication is you want more to destroy and to lay waste.

Everyone is seeking a sign. Your governments are lost without them. They peer into the Light but cannot recognize it. She sits in her room filled by the feminine revealed attempting to counsel her kings who wait for another miracle. They peer out the window for the signs yet see not the destruction before them.

Powerless or fear of looking bad before the governed the kings listen to their gods of money and power who rule even the most resolute of this age. The waters have been red with blood for years and are still growing the invasive death. From their centers does it grow swallowing life and heritage. We told them yet they do not hear. Signs are before them yet turning from darkness is a painful change.

My future mother it is time to plant the trees and edibles that you may live.

Throughout the hills that our family may have orchards and trees of life. My future mother show your community now the cycle of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness that is upon us. Do not let them be swallowed in the material that they may listen to the call of the healing. The children of Light are present and will follow your lead.

My future mother it is time my emissaries will show you the way tonight.

Peace and Light to ALL!