The children of Light will know when Mika’el stands in the end times of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The world is preparing for my entrance upon the world stage. While it will be unbelievable to many as my message runs counter to their misconceptions once it is told they will know. It has been a long road throughout the ages for my emissaries of Light and I. The dragon of old has pulled us down so long ago but now we will again be free as the abyss of darkness wails in contempt.

Light is my strength as I deliver the children to their home.

From within the end times 5775 I show that the wrath is the making of the children of darkness. As the bombs fall on the children the armies claim that they have no choice for their foe must be stopped. Ideals are the only banner they fly. They have lost sight of the why in their struggle as they are surrounded like caged birds who were once free. It is they who have built the walls of derision that enclose them.

Children of darkness build walls of division based on delusion.

On the other side of their walls other children of darkness cling to the lives they believe in their delusion. As they look into the caged birds they do not realize that they too are caged animals within their own walls of ideals. Brothers fighting against brothers and sisters against sisters standing in the streets yelling and throwing rocks to their own destruction. Even if I came within their midst the delusion would be so thick they could not see the Light that I carry.

Take my hand and walk in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

I am not here to stand beside the caged birds. I am not here to stand beside the caged animals. I am not here to verify their delusions. I am not here to verify the war, deception or greed of their making. I am here to stand for the truth that was hidden so long ago by these haughty children of darkness playing in the sandbox of their making. The caged birds will not like the song of songs I sing. The caged animals will not like the roar of my thunderings. The world will look and see a gentle spirit calling the children of our people into the Light of our Garden.

It is time to learn war no more and open the cages of darkness.

My future mother from the land of Light you will see the fulcrum of the end times. There will be those who will try to pull me into the midst of a time gone by. I will admonish the movements that they carry. I will try to free the pierced stone. I will speak the truth yet they will only hear the darkness they have created. They will show my Light as darkness and their darkness as the Light. In the end they will mock and ridicule the message I give as they believe their war, deception and greed are the Light they seek.

Peace and Light to ALL!