The balance of the world hangs with the subjugation of the feminine

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Our world is out of balance. The masculine has been holding onto the dire clenches of delusion. The feminine is now rising as it must. Even the Secrets of God show feminine must be greater than masculine yet both are bound together as ONE. The masculine lost the lesson of protector in the smitten power of subjugation. Protect the feminine to balance our world and become ONE.

My future mother our feminine will lead in the new cycle of Light.

The children of darkness have denied the truth of equality and balance even with direct guidance. We have made you all male and female so that you may come together as ONE community. The communication was clear and direct. Still the unbelievers relish in their delusions of power and smite. We are perplexed that our communications of Light are twisted now into banners for the children of darkness.

The feminine will guide the world back to the Light my future mother.

Yet to bring the truth upon the masculine would cause great stirrings within the kingdoms of darkness. Light is of healing. Light is of comfort. Light is of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Even though the war, deception and greed are receding the children of darkness will hold their desires to one last stronghold before defeat. Like a caged wild bird the power hungry slowly submit to the error of their delusional superiority. The veil drops as understanding rises and ALL become ONE again.

Never more will our female children be sold by the unbelievers.

Rise up my future mother by creating the Gardens ALL will live together in. Never more to see war, deception and greed by the delusion of darkness. You my future mother and ALL the believers understand the Light. We are ALL one family. We are ALL one community. We are ALL ONE. Let the Light heal our world.

Those that relish in the delusions of darkness through war, deception and greed are unbelievers.

My future mother gather ALL children of Light to the Gardens for we will walk hand in hand towards peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. As the first full moon of the Tsade is upon us my beloved and I Mika’el will dance before the uninitiated. We have seen the Light. We are the Light. We know the Secrets of God. We will gather the children of Light and open our Gardens for ALL that we may finally live together as ONE community on earth.

Rejoice my future mother for the bondage of our children is at an end!

Peace and Light to ALL!