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Conflict benefits the adherents living within the One World Religion of money

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The One World Religion is front and center in the final conflict of this era of war, deception and greed. The machine that the kings of the world has built is fueled by the constant displacement of arms and the shareholders of the dark corporations rejoice as their portfolios grow. The dark cleric fighting for the Shaytan with his band of Iblis are in league with the dark kings giving the world the delusion of conflict so that they all may excel in the lusts of the world that they desire.

Learn war no more as the Light approaches the horizon.

Dark kings, vultures and children of darkness only follow those things which flow from within their delusions. Material lusts and desires are fueled by the service to self and the lure of power and glory of their own. Behind their veil they know that they are of Spirit and of Light. The permeance of the One is clear yet they mask it in the delusions they seek. From a basis of apostasy the self ignores the all and within that box they push at the walls of nothingness. The real is within, around and of all.

Mika’el is upon the earth yet none listen to the shout of the lion.

Light overcomes darkness and is the core of all that we know. Darkness is a delusion that the self swims in. Even though the path of self is upstream a pause and a breath if they would listen to the downstream flow their struggle would be lost as they would float upon the river of truth and Light.

Destruction of the delusion is the battle of Light.

Mine is not one of battlefields and tools of destruction. My battle centers on the veil of our being. This is a war that cannot be fought. The children of darkness will succomb to the might of truth and the Light will be victorious forever more. The healing of this Shmita will recover the children of Light and their precious earth. As you peer out into the nothingness with your constructs of vision, how many other precious earths have you discovered?

Peace and Light to All!


The descent of Mika’el is completed his mask is off and the battle for the Garden ensues

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am upon the earth yet again to rescue the children of the Light from the grips of darkness. I pray they listen yet the darkness has thickened to an unbearable stench of self. They have taken our fair earth and drained the life and Light from the core. These children of darkness take that which is not theirs. They destroy and build walls to enclose. Even the pierced stone of my staff is wrapped by their delusions of worship. First I Mika’el must find my attributes then the rock will be freed.

The staff of Mika’el stands ready.

The wood is plentiful and my emissaries tell me the crystal yet glows with my awakening. If the breastplate cannot be found the ancient instructions are fairly legible. We are amazed that the Light within has not recognized the jewels of Light within these texts. As those the anointing oils and my other preparations are completed the walls must be cleared. Then as the staff enters the navel the Light will be sealed.

First the abomination that causes desolation must be removed.

The ancient texts must be fixed and the stream of teachings purified. We gave instructions yet the forebears of darkness prevailed for a time. The Light has no room for war, deception and greed as the darkness will stay behind within the realm of their design. The cleaving is soon little ones adjoin to this wisdom of Mika’el and the Light.

Soon my future mother the Light of the Gardens will open for ALL.

My travel to the ancient lands will commence shortly. The squirmish that ensued earlier verified that the aspect of darkness has reached their own negative vibrations. As the children of darkness fall collectively below the ONE the Light rises above. Negative for negative as the Light deserves not. All have waited and soon the Garden will glow.

Peace and Light to ALL!


In 3760 we sealed the tree knowing in 5775 years our family would find the Light anew

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In 3760 we sealed the Tree of Life when our family lost the knowledge land and life are ONE.  ALL throughout the earth began to settle and build the walls.  From Ugarit to Ebla across to sea peoples the descent of the Light was known.  When Dagon appeared the Feast of Tabernacles remembered an ancient nomadic past in which land and life were ONE.  5775 years later as we are upon the steps of 2015 we know not if Zerubbabbel can be toppled by the 800 within the song of my beloved.

The ancient union of  land and life must again become ONE.

We could tell stories of Baal-Hamon yet the ancients have been lost and their walls have toppled. The darkness pervaded even then. In the time of the teachings hearts were lost to stone. Today the heart of darkness drags the whole world into the everlasting pit. The vicar is not alone nor the first. The hand of this child of darkness reaching for the Light would be pulled out of the abyss as we would pull any hand for ALL.

Ye are ALL children of the living ONE.

My future mother it is time again to understand that land and life are ONE. From the ancient teachings to the turtle mask being lifted it is time again our family live in this Unity of ONE. We are ALL. The tabernacles are not just of myths and festivals they are rememberence of before the sealing of the Light.

In the Light land and life are ONE.

My future mother a new day will rise for the children of Light. The red light of morning is lost early in the day. At the full ascent when we walk through the everlasting green of the trees the fire of the sun is obscured already. Look up as ALL raise the Light within the Garden and heal the earth. Soon my future mother ALL will be green again when land and life are ONE.

Peace and Light to ALL!