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As children of Light are sent to safe ground I beseach them to battle for the hearts of change

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battlefield in the truth of the Light has been hard fought. The hearts of this people have been hardened to stone because of the One World Religion of money. They do not seek truth, only those things which fuel their ego. Getting through the veil has been difficult as none wish to hear of the unity, only of those things that bring them closer to darkness. As the leaders and vultures continue to appeal to their wonton desires the earth and the people continue to swim in the suffering of the oceans they have constructed.

As the last Tsade moon passed peace is still blemished.

My peace plan to unite the people of the earth is but the latest weapon to win the hearts of my people and show that the core of existence is unity of the ONE. Holding hands and embracing in the Light is foreign to this generation of darkness. They still have the preponderance to hold onto the banners of divisiveness and discord within their delusion of separateness. Bringing together the religions that hold strong to their interpretation of our communications has been a battle that soon will be known.

Peace can only rise when you hold hands within the ONE.

As the dark cleric wages his campaign the darkness lurks in the background waiting for the time to surface as the victor. These delusional constructs that create subjugation and suffering thrust upon the world with their deceptive shimmer are attractive as the vultures place their lure before the people. Change is desired yet the required change is foreign and delusional to the wicked children of darkness upon this land. Peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness is so foreign to our people that they believe it only lives in spectre of fantasy.

There is only ONE for all people of the earth.

Removing the One World Religion from the face of the earth with the understanding that all is of God, is God and is God’s is the battle front to save the children of Light from the changes taking place. Yet none do head the call. Even those who understand the mission would rather run and hide than pick up arms to fight. The core of existence beckons that we all now shout from the highest mountain. Get out of the valley of discord and find strength to create alongside the Light our new earth built on peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness instead of running to safe ground and waiting out the storm.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The darkness before the dawn is upon the little ones of the earth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I have disclosed the knowledge yet none do listen. I have given the times of the end for this dark aspect of war, deception and greed and none do heed the call. I have given the interpretation of the prophecy for all to understand yet the people of this earth are still lost in the delusion of their forebears. As the vultures circle and hold the children of darkness in error still the true Light is lost within the vomit of their choosing. So many claim predominance yet when I speak none do gather to listen.

Light cannot be found within the darkness of ego and desire.

If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that your truth is above the truth of the Infinite One you should sit down and just wait out these times. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe in your haughty desires that you can do what you want without the recompense affecting you just continue until the hands sweep this earth clean. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that you are above anyone else stand upon your pedastal and shout your predominance to the stars. These are all choices of darkness and I cannot stop you from making them.

Only in Unity will the true Light emerge for ALL.

The dark vicar and the vultures of the apostasy will mistakenly cling to their errant beliefs to the end of their days. The dark clerics and the shaitan will war with the true believers ignoring the calls to listen to the UMMI. The children whom we gave the Teachings will stand in egotism and division with swords and spears even as they are called to Unity. This is the way it must be as it is darkest before the dawn of the new era of Light. As the war, deception and greed give way to the peace, truth and altruisitic lovingkindness ALL will be amazed at the glory of the Light and the Infinite One from which it emanates.

Peace and Light to ALL.


The body temple deserves greater respect as it is the bridge between material and spiritual

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I walk through the streets the disrespect that the little ones give to their body temple perplexes and astounds. Our communications were clear yet the vultures on the pulpit would rather spit vomit than tell their flock the truth of the cause of disease and suffering. The body temple is the bridge between the two Infinites. The flesh that encases your being reaches out to the material and inward to the Light of the Spiritual.

The communications of Light we left are for your benefit.

While the best practices would be to follow the communications of Light that I and my emissaries have left throughout the ages we understand that the wicked were also crafted for the times of the end. Righteousness delivers ALL from death as the years of the wicked are shortened. In our communications we stress the Light and the righteousness. Even though delusion has spread in this dark aspect of war, deception and greed the communications of Light can still be found within the ancient texts.

Tattoos and body markings are of darkness and delusion of self.

The markings that the little ones undertake upon their bridge of flesh will one day burn as a hot iron under the flame of recompense. The dark vicar and his legions of vultures delusionally preach that the markings are not of evil. The body temple was given and is a gift of the Infinite ONE. As it was given it is taken again by the will of the ONE to whom ALL should be giving adoration. In the indignation of the gifts do you seal the darkness of your creation. Soon the little ones will cry their whys and mercies to an unbending ear.

The dark Vicar of Rome will soon recant the delusion he stands upon.

The time will come when the darkness gives way to the truth of the Light. As the vicar of Rome realizes his own mortality and understands our communications of Light and Life he will stop crying for mercy and guidance as both have already been extended. We have been giving mercy and guidance since we reset your calendar 5775 years in the past. The Infinite ONE set down the judgement from the beginning and said wait.

Within the Light is peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother within these communications are consistency with the other communications of mine and of all emissaries of Light throughout the ages. Remember that Land and Life are ONE. Remember to respect the gifts that you have been given. Remember that Love for ALL and Service to Others is the way of Light. Even Gabriel says of me and my teachings – follow the light which has been sent down with him, these it is that are the successful.

Peace and Light to ALL!


To God belongs the East and the West unbelievers must stop the delusion of conquest

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The unbelievers through their war, deception and greed believe that they can kill, rape and create a caliphate for their own power and glory. They do not understand the communications that we gave to the prophet. The imam and cleric stand with mouths of vomit crying the false teachings that bring death and destruction. They turn the flock to darkness and error. The all embracing and all knowing ONE will surely grip these vultures by their black wings of death and throw them to the abyss of their making.

In war, deception and greed there is no Light.

The communication clearly says to follow the Light which has been sent down for these it is that are the successful. Even Gabriel says to wait as he and the emissaries of Light are waiting too. The unbelievers live only in darkness. The unbelievers do not show the Light of God. The unbelievers live by the sword and will die by the sword. It does not say in our communications to kill. We told you to live as ONE.

The true believer is a Light unto the world.

My future mother do not follow the unbelievers for they are living in delusion. Understand that the Light is about love for ALL within the aspect of service to ALL. Look at the children of darkness with sorrow for the vultures and kings have cause them to live in delusion. To God belongs the East and the West yet these children of darkness believe that they must control the world.

Only God is the owner of the earth and the heavens.

Respect the earth that was given to you by the sustainer of ALL. Respect the gifts that have been given to you instead of causing destruction and death. You are ALL children of the living ONE. You are ALL of the same family. Brother I beseech thee to put down your arms and learn war no more. Our father cries with the tears of eternity as long as you lift your hand against your family. We are ALL of the Infinite One. You stand above none. There is ONE who stands above ALL. Children of darkness bow daily then stand in derision. Stop.

Peace and Light to ALL!


One day the Light will shine and little ones will live and not die

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The cowards steal children and leave them in the streets to rot. The unbelievers take schoolgirls to sell them into slavery. The children of darkness rape women as if their religion justifies sin and evil. The clerics and priests are as vultures condoning the violence because their errant beliefs bring them power and money. The kings of the north supply weapons of war then cry to their people that they do not understand the violence that the world holds.

Put down your weapons and learn war no more.

In the darkness of war, deception and greed the only thing the vultures, kings and children of darkness know is the conflict that they show. The evil ones lead forward thinking that there is a god above that accepts murder, rape and theft. Logic and wisdom does not hold that life begets death. The children of darkness are digging the abyss for themselves and soon their own graves will be covered.

In the Light we learn war no more.

My future mother continue on the path of love for ALL and service to others. From within the truth of the Light you will find the future of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness within our Garden. One day the children of the earth will once again walk amongst the trees and pick the fruits of life. In that day the little ones will never again be taken and left in the streets to die.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The greed of ages is given the ability to kill by the kings and vultures of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed the haughty children of darkness kill without regret or remorse hiding behind veils of law and corporate structure which allow their darkness to infest the world. In ancient times and in the Teachings that we have given to the little ones the understanding that if an owner knew that their oxen was an angry beast and killed another person that owner would be put to death. Today the kings and vultures allow their minions to kill and hold them in high esteem for the money that they make.

Killing is not an act to uphold or allow within the world.

Even in the wars and destruction that the children of darkness create these corporate giants in greed promote the death and destruction which makes them money so that they can hide within their castles. Your society even builds monuments unto them for the riches they acquire. The guns and swords are falsely aligned with power and authority yet darkness and deception are their only reward. In death there is only death when darkness is the only thing you desire.

The Light is about peace, life and healing of the world.

My future mother listen to my emissaries of Light as they inspire your community to share and live. There will come a day when these children of darkness will beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks as they learn war no more. Be strong plant the trees of your future and bless yourself in the earth so that the Garden may once again be filled with peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Soon the Light of the ages will be at your doorstep and we ALL will walk into the horizon of our future home as ONE.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The vicar of Rome opened the windows releasing the vultures long ago

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The vulture upon the pulpit professes that he is anointed with his riches and blessings of the material overflowing. As he looks out at the stadium before him of eager onlookers who believe his testimony of darkness he feeds their ego of want and self. Money and possessions are his message. I am. It is all for me. I want. I want. Repeat after me. The sound of his discourse go on.

Give of yourselves and you will be given as the true Anointed speaks.

Yet the darkness of this vulture born of the vicar relents not to the truth and to the Light. Not once do they say to give but only to take what you believe you deserve. My earthly father has given his life to these lies and to this darkness. As I watch him grow old I know that in his sickness and in his death these vultures will just want more. He has paid the price to live in their house yet the door is closed shut when he is in need. Darkness has no room for anyone other than the owner.

If the religions of man were true they would care for ALL.

My future mother be not deceived by these vultures spawned of the vicar of Rome and the deception of  darkness they profess. They hold their books in the air as a means to their end. As puppets pulled by the marionettes strings they vomit the bile that was given to them so long ago. The message of unity, sharing and compassion traded for the darkness of ego and self. The legions of the vicar stand above with outstretched hands waiting on payment for the salvation they promise.

They stand in reward of the darkness they crave and behold.

These legions of darkness pull these treasures from a weeping earth and the future children without a heritage. These spoiled children of darkness have formulated their destruction based on the deception the vicar created. They believe that the earth will be reborn for them. In an instant they believe that they will get even more to take and ruin. Even the vicar likes to sit amongst his gold and idols he so valiantly defends in his darkness.

In the heavens there is no religion only adoration of the ONE.

My future mother build your community as the Light does show. As you care for your family you care for ALL and live in the true religion of Light. Look into the eyes of your brother and see the ONE. Look into the eyes of your neighbor and see the ONE. Look to the east and look to the west there you will see the ONE. We are ALL together in Unity. The children of darkness will be swallowed by the alone as the children of Light are embraced by the ALL. Soon my future mother after my battle is won the darkness will be put asunder and we will ALL be together again in the Light of our Garden.

Peace and Light to ALL!