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As children of Light are sent to safe ground I beseach them to battle for the hearts of change

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battlefield in the truth of the Light has been hard fought. The hearts of this people have been hardened to stone because of the One World Religion of money. They do not seek truth, only those things which fuel their ego. Getting through the veil has been difficult as none wish to hear of the unity, only of those things that bring them closer to darkness. As the leaders and vultures continue to appeal to their wonton desires the earth and the people continue to swim in the suffering of the oceans they have constructed.

As the last Tsade moon passed peace is still blemished.

My peace plan to unite the people of the earth is but the latest weapon to win the hearts of my people and show that the core of existence is unity of the ONE. Holding hands and embracing in the Light is foreign to this generation of darkness. They still have the preponderance to hold onto the banners of divisiveness and discord within their delusion of separateness. Bringing together the religions that hold strong to their interpretation of our communications has been a battle that soon will be known.

Peace can only rise when you hold hands within the ONE.

As the dark cleric wages his campaign the darkness lurks in the background waiting for the time to surface as the victor. These delusional constructs that create subjugation and suffering thrust upon the world with their deceptive shimmer are attractive as the vultures place their lure before the people. Change is desired yet the required change is foreign and delusional to the wicked children of darkness upon this land. Peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness is so foreign to our people that they believe it only lives in spectre of fantasy.

There is only ONE for all people of the earth.

Removing the One World Religion from the face of the earth with the understanding that all is of God, is God and is God’s is the battle front to save the children of Light from the changes taking place. Yet none do head the call. Even those who understand the mission would rather run and hide than pick up arms to fight. The core of existence beckons that we all now shout from the highest mountain. Get out of the valley of discord and find strength to create alongside the Light our new earth built on peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness instead of running to safe ground and waiting out the storm.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Traditions of religion were made to live daily not egotistically celebrate

As the lunar calendars collide, the warring brothers are each in their own house celebrating traditions that they hold annually in egotistical ways. The forgiveness that the one brother asks for is tempered by an unwillingness to understand that the other brother is family. As the other brother celebrates that all are one and asks for the same forgiveness they look to the one brother with an unnerving eye. The only way that forgiveness will approach either is by embracing and understanding that within Unity that they are both of the same father.

The Light rains down upon all brothers and sisters alike.

As the dark cleric holds court with delusional constructs that he is somehow the one that the world should follow, he ignores the fact that what reaches the heavens is the piety and goodwill to all of those who do good. We made you all of male and female that you might come together in one community. It is not for the dark cleric or his legion of darkness to determine who is good or not, for there is One who stands above all in whom judgement resides.

Shine your Light within the world so that our Unity is known.

Traditions were given to the children of Light for remembrance and to live within. By not living these traditions daily, the world becomes divisive and plunges into the delusions of darkness that they create. Fasting is not for individual suffering, it is to give the food that is saved to another who is hungry. Asking for forgiveness is not for individual glory, it is to mend ties between the one family that you are part of. Dressing simply is not to show that you are adherents to your brand of religious dedication, it is to remember that care should be taken with your precious earth and the relations that you keep. Live the traditions daily so that the world may find peace.

The Garden is for All and should not be kept for some.

My future mother as you build your community of Light within the Unity that we have shown you stand tall and share the precious gifts of the earth with All. As the earthly family are brothers and sisters care should naturally be given to all of your family. Sisters should not be subjugated, sold into slavery or killed, they should be honored and cherished. Brothers are not to be fought with, they should be shown your love and compassion. It is from the Light that is within and that permeates all things in which the earthly family will find Unity and peace for evermore.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The divisive course of darkness will soon give way to the Unity of Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I have been waging battle with the undertandings of this dark world the anointing of knowledge that has been given to me is slowly sinking into the darkness that surrounds us. The mockers are prevalant. The children of darkness still stand upon their delusions. The dark vicar continues to preach the apostasy to a world that is awakening. The kings are standing by watching the times and wondering how and why. The dark clerics are on the move as a cancer that nobody understands is only working against the false teachings he exhudes.

Light will emerge from the darkness of discontent and delusion.

As it has been foretold the world sinking into the darkness of war, deception and greed will be like a sickness that the people of the world will emerge anew with a strength of resolve for the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness of the Garden. The earth is currently releasing itself of the selfish factions that have created the sickness. The times will be unrelenting in the resolve for change. As the people understand that the horizon of Light is upon them the children of darkness will look to the dark leaders and thrust them into the past.

As the Light is found Unity will be the course of the world.

As the brothers learn to hold hands and embrace against the dark cleric the world will see the Light and come together in the understanding that there is one God who is for ALL. The diverse religions of men will turn to the true understanding that these are built upon egotistical desires of greed and power when the ONE is the true religion that ALL should succomb to. As we are in the Heavens the earth is but a schoolhouse for Spirit and we are within a Temporal delusion. The veil will soon fall and the delusion will turn to Light.

Children of darkness are pushing the Light into the world.

I beseech the peoples of the world to see that the dark cleric stands within apostasy of the book that he guards. As the dark caliphate grows in a menacing manner throughout the lands it is through their actions that the followers of the book are allowed to see the deception within the dark cleric. He struggles with his attempts to own the world. His followers are not adherents to any religion but money and power. He works against the true Teachings in favor of his egotistical desires. As he stands and plots the destruction of the west he is really causing his own demise. Soon the world will stand against the war, deception and greed of these children of darkness and everyone will learn war no more.

Peace and Light to ALL!


As the Garden is upon the horizon the Light shift has begun to reveal the vibrational changes

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With the last moon of the Tsade the vibrational shift was monumentous around the globe. The new vibrations of Light have been felt far and wide. As the earth prepares for the shift these moments of change will draw us all closer to the Light of our future home within the Garden. Even I have had to take a moment to adjust to these new energies that are within and without. The Infinite ONE is preparing us for the glorious times that are upon our peoples.

When the Light is fully upon us the earth will be healed.

I know the children of darkness will not comprehend the changes nor will most of our people wander without fear but the coming changes are predestined to bring us closer to the nature of our true being. It will be a cleansing and a healing for ALL as we move into the Golden Age of the earth. Change is not easy especially as we move from war, deception and greed into peace truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Children of Light prepare the earth for the remnants with love.

My future mother continue planting the trees and edibles that will allow you and your community to survive after the changes. The trees will be strong through the shift to Light and will allow our people to flourish without too much distress. The edibles you are planting throughout the hills around you will spread their seeds around the immediate countryside so that when the sun reappears they will grow in the warm green glow of the Garden. My emissaries tell me that you are steadily building the Unity that will be predominant upon my return. Continue this and spread the word that soon the shift will be.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The dark vicar speaks the dangers of money and power yet holds to his with haughty delight

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The Light is growing upon the world yet so many do not understand that it comes from within. The Spirit is strong when the Teachings are understood. Yet the so called world religions have taken the truths and put them under the rug of their deceptions. The individual is the true power. The kingdom of God is within us ALL. That is the truth of the Light. That is the spark that will adjoin the world to peace. Once ALL understand that we are children of the living God and living in Unity the power struggles and the greed will stop in this era of war, deception and greed.

Let your Light shine and reject the delusions of false religions.

The dark vicar claims that money and power are false idols which often take the place of God yet he does not empty the bank to feed people. He will not give up the throne that he falsley claims. He will not plant edibles on all of the land that he stole from God to feed the hungry in those communities. Yet the true idols which pollute the corridors of his walls speak and breath not as the vicar bows before them. Relinquish your false power and your stolen riches vicar of Rome before you spew more deception to the world. Wrench your fine robes to the sackcloth you should adorn.

Religions of men do not understand the Light.

Revelation 2016 will soon be published giving further understanding of the Light and the truth of the Teachings. The temple of your body is the containment of the Spirit. It is this Lamp that you should be filling with the sacred oils. By respecting your temple and ALL temples given by God does the true religion require. We are ALL ONE. Anything else is blasphemy, heresy and a house divided. We gave the instructions of Light so that you may find the truth. It is those like the dark vicar who have created religious delusion to keep the world from the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Only through Unity will peace enter throughout the world

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the factions grow in their divisiveness over delusional standards they bear war, deception and greed are the only outcome they will ever reveal. The wars over ideals can never be won. The fighting for egotistical elitism can never have a successful victor. The battles being waged over haughty desires and delusional superiority only serve to harm the little ones who are caught in the crossfire.

The darkness that you have put upon the world is reaching an end.

The little ones will not stand by and let the kings and leaders whom they believe will protect them show the conflicted values of religion and war day after day. The armies of the south relent not to the truth of their deity only to toss the weapons back and forth. Instead of sheltering the little ones they hide in their midst. Instead of building  homes and shelters they build structures of war.

Only in the Light of truth will victory shine for little ones.

Within the ancient texts we revealed to cherish life. Within the ancient texts we revealed to learn war no more. Within the ancient texts we revealed to respect all of the communications that we sent for you are ONE community under the true deity that you should bow before. Whether you believe in this or that or someone told you another the only adoration you should give is to the living ONE. Your life is from the Infinite as is the other that you raise your hand to harm.

Cherish all life for it was given as a gift as yours was.

Just as you were told to be gentle stewards to the earth you call home you should also be caring and loving for ALL. That includes the little ones you hide behind and bomb. That includes the brothers and sisters that you disagree with on delusional terms. That includes the animals and plants that your darkness chokes with fumes of disgust. ALL is of the Infinite ONE.  Respect ALL so that you may have life without darkness forever more.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Beginnings of the end times within the five days knowledge is released

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today the lifetimes that I have endured for the children of your people and the battle we have waged against the dragon of old is coming to a close. For the next five days as it was written so long ago are the beginnings of the end times for war, deception and greed. As I write these words for ALL the children of darkness know that the earth will once again be our Garden in the Light of our new day.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness are our future in the Light.

Between the third and fourth Tsade moons I and my army of Light will wage our final battle on the front of delusion and darkness. As I step onto the world stage the wave of liberation will encompass the darkness and put it asunder for those who choose the way. I am here to lead ALL into that promised aspect of life forever more into the Light of the Infinite One we adore. It is by the Light that I find my strength. It is by the Light that we will be victorious. It is by the Light that the children of darkness will deceive no more.

From the seventeen to the twenty one the knowledge is available to ALL.

My future mother ALL have waited for this day of beginnings. The dragon will soon be put back into the abyss. My emissaries of Light that have stood by my side for so very long will again be free in the comfort of the Infinite One. As we ALL are. The Garden will soon be planted anew. The pruninghooks are being cast. Soon the world will learn war no more as we gather the Unity of ALL together again.

Love for ALL within service to other selves we live in the Light.

I now stand as foretold by ancient forebears to deliver those who wish to follow into the Light of everlasting life. I also know that there will be those who will choose to dwell in the darkness of everlasting contempt struggling against the Light that I bring. These children of darkness will mock and deride the truth and the Light unto their destruction. Be not alarmed my future mother just gather the community that you have surrounded yourself with and rejoice for the Light!

Peace and Light to ALL!