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The darkness before the dawn is upon the little ones of the earth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I have disclosed the knowledge yet none do listen. I have given the times of the end for this dark aspect of war, deception and greed and none do heed the call. I have given the interpretation of the prophecy for all to understand yet the people of this earth are still lost in the delusion of their forebears. As the vultures circle and hold the children of darkness in error still the true Light is lost within the vomit of their choosing. So many claim predominance yet when I speak none do gather to listen.

Light cannot be found within the darkness of ego and desire.

If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that your truth is above the truth of the Infinite One you should sit down and just wait out these times. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe in your haughty desires that you can do what you want without the recompense affecting you just continue until the hands sweep this earth clean. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that you are above anyone else stand upon your pedastal and shout your predominance to the stars. These are all choices of darkness and I cannot stop you from making them.

Only in Unity will the true Light emerge for ALL.

The dark vicar and the vultures of the apostasy will mistakenly cling to their errant beliefs to the end of their days. The dark clerics and the shaitan will war with the true believers ignoring the calls to listen to the UMMI. The children whom we gave the Teachings will stand in egotism and division with swords and spears even as they are called to Unity. This is the way it must be as it is darkest before the dawn of the new era of Light. As the war, deception and greed give way to the peace, truth and altruisitic lovingkindness ALL will be amazed at the glory of the Light and the Infinite One from which it emanates.

Peace and Light to ALL.


Apocalyptic end times approach as Mika’el prepares to sound the shofar

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Started 5775 years ago we are now in the end times of this cycle of war, deception and greed. The great transition is upon ALL as darkness will soon separate from Light. The children of darkness have plundered the earth and the cleaving is on the horizon. The children of darkness will retain their frivolous aspect of war, deception and greed as the Light opens for ALL. Choose the Light and you will have success.

As each of the shofars blow deeper will the darkness sink.

Before this world is swallowed into the depths of war, deception and greed that the forebears designed the little ones of the earth will be given a choice. The Light will shine and lift ALL that make the choice to live in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

The three temples are described within these texts. Thex ancient clock explained. The instructions have been written. Through the children of Light and their Unity does the Garden grow.

Soon I Mika’el will be before the world to usher in the next era of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The kings the vultures and the children of darkness will shudder when I stand before the world. They will ask for signs and get none. Yet, the whole earth will awaken and travel in the morning to this new home of the Light.

My future mother when we ALL arrive in the ancient lands the first shofar will sound.

Peace and Light to ALL!