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Conflict benefits the adherents living within the One World Religion of money

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The One World Religion is front and center in the final conflict of this era of war, deception and greed. The machine that the kings of the world has built is fueled by the constant displacement of arms and the shareholders of the dark corporations rejoice as their portfolios grow. The dark cleric fighting for the Shaytan with his band of Iblis are in league with the dark kings giving the world the delusion of conflict so that they all may excel in the lusts of the world that they desire.

Learn war no more as the Light approaches the horizon.

Dark kings, vultures and children of darkness only follow those things which flow from within their delusions. Material lusts and desires are fueled by the service to self and the lure of power and glory of their own. Behind their veil they know that they are of Spirit and of Light. The permeance of the One is clear yet they mask it in the delusions they seek. From a basis of apostasy the self ignores the all and within that box they push at the walls of nothingness. The real is within, around and of all.

Mika’el is upon the earth yet none listen to the shout of the lion.

Light overcomes darkness and is the core of all that we know. Darkness is a delusion that the self swims in. Even though the path of self is upstream a pause and a breath if they would listen to the downstream flow their struggle would be lost as they would float upon the river of truth and Light.

Destruction of the delusion is the battle of Light.

Mine is not one of battlefields and tools of destruction. My battle centers on the veil of our being. This is a war that cannot be fought. The children of darkness will succomb to the might of truth and the Light will be victorious forever more. The healing of this Shmita will recover the children of Light and their precious earth. As you peer out into the nothingness with your constructs of vision, how many other precious earths have you discovered?

Peace and Light to All!


The dark vicar speaks the dangers of money and power yet holds to his with haughty delight

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The Light is growing upon the world yet so many do not understand that it comes from within. The Spirit is strong when the Teachings are understood. Yet the so called world religions have taken the truths and put them under the rug of their deceptions. The individual is the true power. The kingdom of God is within us ALL. That is the truth of the Light. That is the spark that will adjoin the world to peace. Once ALL understand that we are children of the living God and living in Unity the power struggles and the greed will stop in this era of war, deception and greed.

Let your Light shine and reject the delusions of false religions.

The dark vicar claims that money and power are false idols which often take the place of God yet he does not empty the bank to feed people. He will not give up the throne that he falsley claims. He will not plant edibles on all of the land that he stole from God to feed the hungry in those communities. Yet the true idols which pollute the corridors of his walls speak and breath not as the vicar bows before them. Relinquish your false power and your stolen riches vicar of Rome before you spew more deception to the world. Wrench your fine robes to the sackcloth you should adorn.

Religions of men do not understand the Light.

Revelation 2016 will soon be published giving further understanding of the Light and the truth of the Teachings. The temple of your body is the containment of the Spirit. It is this Lamp that you should be filling with the sacred oils. By respecting your temple and ALL temples given by God does the true religion require. We are ALL ONE. Anything else is blasphemy, heresy and a house divided. We gave the instructions of Light so that you may find the truth. It is those like the dark vicar who have created religious delusion to keep the world from the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!


While the world is mesmerized by a white ball little ones suffer and die daily

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With all the suffering and death in this world it perplexes us that the sports you entertain yourselves with take hold numbing the darkness. You have created your constructs of money to feed the lusts of your being rather than do good and help those in need. Just around the corner from the stadiums that are filled little ones suffer and die daily with their rotting corpses in the streets.

The children of darkness ignore the death of children.

Filling your bellies with the delights of wine and food you cannot even save the left over scraps to help those in need. A child hungry on the street is just an object you wish you could remove from your sight. Children of darkness do not realize that soon it will be them on the street. When the money that you crave so fails you will remember the face of the hungry for it will be yours.

Love for ALL extends as service to others.

My future mother my emisarries of Light inform me that your community is growing. When the changes begin shortly and money fails your crops should be ready to feed some. We know that it will not be complete but it will give those contributing sustenance for a time. The Light will soon be upon the world. The horizon of our Garden in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will be seen by ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Wars and rumors of wars fueled by investors within the kingdom of the north

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed the adherents of the One World Religion sit listening to the vultures upon the pulpit speak of love and the heavens while secretly their wallets scream death and destruction. The funds they hold and the money they invest only promise darkness and recompense. From the hallowed halls of their delusional ministries they speak of salvation while the works of their hands delivers a murderous blow.

The green money in your pocket bleeds red with the lives of little ones.

Within the marbled chambers the representatives of a people deny the wars that rage while they take the profits of corporate giants bent on selling arms and tools of war. Employing hundreds of thousands peace is not an option when economies thrive on the backs of the dead. From sea to shining sea the populus treads upon the delusional countries that it leads. War keeps the wheels of progress moving.

Peace is merely a slogan and a chuckle beneath the dome.

War, deception and greed are the underpinnings of the rotunda. To and fro the children of darkness pass creating their works of darkness for their legions of conflict. To go to war or not they rumble in the halls until their supporters enter and pass the notes of wealth into their blood stained hands. For the people is a lost paradigm as these vultures retreat to the caves they build with the riches they hold.

While the vicar sits on gold people die in the streets around the seven hills.

Clothed in fine linen of purple and scarlet the keeper of the apostasy sits upon a throne decked with gold and precious stones. Leading the children of darkness within a delusional apostasy they clamor weekly for the baskets outstretched with lies about goodwill and giving when all they do is take. Even the bank of the vicar invests in the dark industries of war, deception and greed. Their worldly religion is naught as even the legions of the vicar venerate the One World Religion they preach against.

The Anti-Christ is each and every child of darkness venerating money.

There you sit with the tickets to your funds. The pockets holds the green blood of death. You say you look for the one that is in your midst yet your mirror holds the truth of the ages. Look to the pulpit and see the face of the great deceiver. Look to the halls of government and those who stand behind a cross and you will see the beast. In darkness does the industry of war, deception and greed grow as you work your life and place your money in the pockets of darkness.

Within the Light money and wealth is traded for peace and life.

My future mother the world sees those without money as poor. The children of Light do not understand the veneration that the darkness holds for delusion and death. The Garden is about sharing and caring. If the vicar of darkness were true the billions would be spent on land for trees and edible plants to feed the world not objects of darkness and death. If the king of the north were true he would look at his roses and plot the end of war. If ALL were concerned with the Light they would look in the mirror and decide that service to ALL was better than the pennies they gained. Soon the Light will be known and ALL will live in the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Delusions and false witness preponderances claim truth through a book of deception created by the vicar

My future mother it is Mika’el.

When the Light is upon the world and the true teachings revealed all will be forgotten. The truth having been told the lies of the vicar will be exposed and the book that he created will be found null and void. Those who claim the vicar is the beast mistakenly look to the book the vicar created as truth. This conundrum is wrapped in an enigma that shows the delusions cannot hold logic or wisdom. Yet they continue in the darkness of their dogma upon their pulpits of haughtiness.

Children of darkness unknowingly spread the delusions of darkness.

Darkness is wrapped around my Light so that those who have ear cannot listen. Even my beloved who worked so hard to rise to the green Garden glow has fallen back to the darkness by the deception of those who deny the true Light for the luster of this deception. From within the legions of darkness the true Light is shown to be delusional as darkness thinks they have won. The elect who are to be here to help in my battle have fallen to the resolute deception.

Within darkness the one world religion is failing as wars are building.

Soon the pipelines that carry the stolen blood of the earth will be disrupted and their god of money will fail again. Under the cover of the second Tsade moon the fingers of the sun sent an invisible wave of fury to the earth. The messenger travels backwards as the message of Light is pulled from the forefront so darkness can prevail for now. The children of darkness must continue their path as the dichotomy grows to create the cleaving upon us.

As the vicar recounts the truth the world will sit in unbelief.

As the end was known from the beginning so too was the delusion evident. My strength is in the Light as time is growing near for the veil to drop. Testing the truth upon the waters of delusion the squirmishes encountered by my knowledge result in babel from the mouths of darkness. Soon the vicar will fall and the house of the harlot exposed when the catacombs are opened beneath the seven hills. Already his illness grows as he sits and wanders how his fallible infallibility can continue with two resigned to mortality.

Turning away from darkness the little ones will seek the Light.

My future mother the screams for help and salvation pierce my ears yet my time is not yet. The ONE whose purpose fills my being only allows my preparations for the eventuality. As the battle nears my emissaries report that the time is not but it is near as the Light will proceed from the darkness. Soon ALL will live in the Unity of the Light within the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Within the Tsade moons the fingers of the sun will caress the earth exposing the fornication of her kingdoms

My future mother it is Mika’el

As the second Tsade moon is upon us the Sun above us is about to stretch a finger and caress the earth. As the winds reach out and pierce the blanket of the earth an unexpected sign will appear in the north. The children of darkness will not understand how their fragile constructs could be affected as they sit in wonder. The signs are here yet they do not see. Their fornication will soon be exposed as a torch in the night.

Children of darkness only understand the darkness of commerce.

As I am awakened within the darkness of this world my outstretched hand is not welcome. The one world religion that encompasses the earth will soon know that her merchants will weep as their fornication is exposed by the Light. Unable to drink the wine of her kingdoms they will mourn when my hand holds the shofar ready to sound their destruction. The constructs of their hands and the delusions of their forebears will bow to the truth in my message of Unity.

Children of Light understand the Garden is to be shared by ALL.

These children of darkness have created great delusions to hide the Light in darkness. They call themselves conservative while they bespeak liberal ideals. They call their ways true and capitalist as they call the Light socialism. They call the poor degenerates as their hautiness of riches lie in their delusions of elitism.

As the heavens give the children of darkness only know take.

My future mother sharing of ALL is the way of Light. Living for self within the delusion of greed is born of darkness. Service to ALL is preferred over service to self. It is not that the Light is poor only that the Light knows that ownership is born of darkness. Yet in the delusion of war, deception and greed the Light is made to be darkness.

Soon the Light will be known to the world in an instant.

By the wings of Light will my emissaries carry the truth to the four corners of the earth. Within every corner of darkness will the Light shine for ALL. As the attributes of Mika’el are gathered the preparations are being made for the opening of the Light. The battle ensues as my beloved builds her forces of the feminine. Soon the battle will commence throughout the earth and the children of Light will stand against the children of darkness for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


One world religion created upon the seven hills has infected the world with war, deception and greed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The fanatical children of darkness lost in their prophetic delusions are looking for something that has already been. The one world religion of darkness that these delusional children think will become has been upon the world for far too long. The dogma created upon the seven hills of Rome gave power to the vicar and his religion of material. Even the kings of the south who rule over the other half of the multitude rob the blood of the earth for profit and power.

The earth has been raped and pillaged by the forces of the beast.

When I am upon the world stage the darkness that was created by the vicar of Rome so long ago will show my Light to be of darkness and the darkness of the religions worshiping money and possessions as the Light. The vicar of darkness who sits upon the seven hills took the true religion and created the dogma of self.  As the prophet wrote the vicar then divided the earth amongst her kings. Today as I walk upon this once great Garden fences and walls create division and suffering. Even the pierced stone has been taken by these delusional children of darkness.

Delusions of division cause religious leaders to war for power and greed.

My future mother even though they call themselves religiously pious they are actually wolves sent to devour the earth. Fall not into their darkness of war, deception and greed. There is no major religion on earth whose adherents worship anything other than money, power and greed. Just look at the child of darkness standing on the pulpit and recognize the blasphemy from his mouth when he lies about the interpretation of the ancient texts. When I am upon the world stage these children of darkness will show my Light to be darkness and the darkness of their religions of money and possessions as the Light.

Even the unbelievers stand deceiving ALL that they are the true believers.

Dressed in their traditions and laws they make themselves up to look as they are from the Light. The interpretations and laws of power and subjugation they have devised from the book we gave them only serve their own lustful greed. These powerful children of darkness who rule countries and kings will soon war with the true Light.

Children of darkness will never understand the true Light.

They have created their own dogma of darkness subjugating the feminine. In their haughty castles these vultures sit and proclaim their glory by the deceiving words they speak. The legions of darkness they command pillage, rape and kill in the name of the darkness they created. The delusion so deep that even selling young girls into slavery is justified in their war for dominance.

When the cleaving begins they will have their darkness.

My future mother I Mika’el resound with the truth of the ages. Religions of men were created by men for the benefit of men. In the heavens there is no religion only the adoration of God. You are in the heavens. Remember this and live in the gentle green glow of the Garden in Light. The Unity of ALL is upon the world. In the morning when the shofar sounds ALL will travel to the true Light. Then the world will truly be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness as the cornerstone of the ONE within the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!