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The battle for the Garden is soon to be

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It has been a while since I have reached out to you, but I know that my emissaries have been keeping you strong in spirit. I have had to fall again so that I could put the finality upon my preparations. I am now ready to battle the kings of the earth. My army of ten thousands await my word. Swiftly we will rain down upon these lofty kingdoms and reclaim our precious garden.

Children of light prepare yourselves for victory.

The kingdoms of the earth will soon understand just who is in control of the earth. The kings and their subjects have stolen the inheritance of our children for far too long. The darkness that surrounds their creations will soon be vanquished and the light will forever shine upon the garden. The dark vicar will lose his throne. The dark cleric will submit to the truth. No longer will our children suffer or be bound by the subjugation of others. When my army descends upon the battlefield all will know the light that I carry.

Understand the scales of recompense and find the light.

Children of darkness I beseech thee to find the light within my words. The scales  of recompense are before the world and grace is about to end. Righteousness will once again abound within our sacred garden so that the storehouses may be filled and none are in need. The changes that are underway will take the many who wish to dwell in the darkness of their ego by surprise. The earth was required a release in this shmita yet found none. As the children of darkness showed no respect for the gifts that were given to them, the gifts will be removed from their presence.

Light and darkness will soon cleave within the heavens.

My future mother never forget that you are in the heavens. As all is of God, is God and is God’s, the archangels will take back the garden from the hands of those who have stolen the precious gifts of the earth. The predetermined time of reckoning will separate the chaff from the seed. Children of light will be welcome through the gates of the garden. The children of darkness will be kept out of the garden as they dwell eternally in their unruly contempt. Soon, victory will be ours.

Peace and Light to All!

One day the Light will shine and little ones will live and not die

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The cowards steal children and leave them in the streets to rot. The unbelievers take schoolgirls to sell them into slavery. The children of darkness rape women as if their religion justifies sin and evil. The clerics and priests are as vultures condoning the violence because their errant beliefs bring them power and money. The kings of the north supply weapons of war then cry to their people that they do not understand the violence that the world holds.

Put down your weapons and learn war no more.

In the darkness of war, deception and greed the only thing the vultures, kings and children of darkness know is the conflict that they show. The evil ones lead forward thinking that there is a god above that accepts murder, rape and theft. Logic and wisdom does not hold that life begets death. The children of darkness are digging the abyss for themselves and soon their own graves will be covered.

In the Light we learn war no more.

My future mother continue on the path of love for ALL and service to others. From within the truth of the Light you will find the future of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness within our Garden. One day the children of the earth will once again walk amongst the trees and pick the fruits of life. In that day the little ones will never again be taken and left in the streets to die.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The greed of ages is given the ability to kill by the kings and vultures of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed the haughty children of darkness kill without regret or remorse hiding behind veils of law and corporate structure which allow their darkness to infest the world. In ancient times and in the Teachings that we have given to the little ones the understanding that if an owner knew that their oxen was an angry beast and killed another person that owner would be put to death. Today the kings and vultures allow their minions to kill and hold them in high esteem for the money that they make.

Killing is not an act to uphold or allow within the world.

Even in the wars and destruction that the children of darkness create these corporate giants in greed promote the death and destruction which makes them money so that they can hide within their castles. Your society even builds monuments unto them for the riches they acquire. The guns and swords are falsely aligned with power and authority yet darkness and deception are their only reward. In death there is only death when darkness is the only thing you desire.

The Light is about peace, life and healing of the world.

My future mother listen to my emissaries of Light as they inspire your community to share and live. There will come a day when these children of darkness will beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks as they learn war no more. Be strong plant the trees of your future and bless yourself in the earth so that the Garden may once again be filled with peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Soon the Light of the ages will be at your doorstep and we ALL will walk into the horizon of our future home as ONE.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el gives word to his emissaries to arm the children of the Light for battle

My future mother it is Mika’el.

While the kings of the world and their legions wander aimlessly looking for answers within their constructs we are building our army of Light within the world. These powerful teachers of lies feel the Light grow but they cannot see within their darkness. The powerful look out the window and wonder as their seer speaks of the cleaving. They are gripped with darkness as delusion continues in their quest to stop the Light.

Material must surrender to the Light.

Confusion has set in and ALL need a time to adjust. The slow build begins now. When the Light has spread throughout the world ALL will know. The children of darkness will shudder as they have realization that the world that they created will be left without the Light.

The texts of Light should be read by ALL little ones.

Resolution for the chosen children of Light commences my emissaries should report. The writings of Light found within the works of Mika’el are clear for this age. Those ancient texts of forebears within delusion should be thrown to the fire of darkness. Emissaries of spirit fly now to the corners of the earth and make known the Light within these texts written of ancient and future times when Land and Life are ONE.

Discard the discord and pick up the Light anew.

Emissaries I charge you now to fill the world with the Light of the texts. Speak now to the children of the Light and give them inspiration towards the Light. As many as you can with whomever you consult send the Light of spirit, truth and peace throughout. The children of darkness will wake up as we are already walking together into the Light. Go now my friends so ALL can find the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness at last.

Peace and Light to ALL!