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The battle for the Garden is soon to be

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It has been a while since I have reached out to you, but I know that my emissaries have been keeping you strong in spirit. I have had to fall again so that I could put the finality upon my preparations. I am now ready to battle the kings of the earth. My army of ten thousands await my word. Swiftly we will rain down upon these lofty kingdoms and reclaim our precious garden.

Children of light prepare yourselves for victory.

The kingdoms of the earth will soon understand just who is in control of the earth. The kings and their subjects have stolen the inheritance of our children for far too long. The darkness that surrounds their creations will soon be vanquished and the light will forever shine upon the garden. The dark vicar will lose his throne. The dark cleric will submit to the truth. No longer will our children suffer or be bound by the subjugation of others. When my army descends upon the battlefield all will know the light that I carry.

Understand the scales of recompense and find the light.

Children of darkness I beseech thee to find the light within my words. The scales  of recompense are before the world and grace is about to end. Righteousness will once again abound within our sacred garden so that the storehouses may be filled and none are in need. The changes that are underway will take the many who wish to dwell in the darkness of their ego by surprise. The earth was required a release in this shmita yet found none. As the children of darkness showed no respect for the gifts that were given to them, the gifts will be removed from their presence.

Light and darkness will soon cleave within the heavens.

My future mother never forget that you are in the heavens. As all is of God, is God and is God’s, the archangels will take back the garden from the hands of those who have stolen the precious gifts of the earth. The predetermined time of reckoning will separate the chaff from the seed. Children of light will be welcome through the gates of the garden. The children of darkness will be kept out of the garden as they dwell eternally in their unruly contempt. Soon, victory will be ours.

Peace and Light to All!

The kings of the north plot how war and deception will fuel the greed of their followers

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the world thinks the kings of the north sit and wonder what to do with the growing dissent, their attention is really on controlling the factions that seem uncontrollable. The weapons and tactics of the dark cleric are produced by the factories and citizens these leaders represent. While the war is an abomination to all that is real these dark leaders know that the children of darkness who behead and torture are agents of their true religious beliefs. The One World Religion of money and power are theirs to behold as they sit and mask their true intentions.

The only course for the world is peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

If these agents of darkness were truly willing to end the war, deception and greed they would strike at the core of the dissent. They would wage their battle on the apostasy with the adherents of these dark clerics. The truth of God and the nature of the communications that I and my emmisaries of Light have given throughout the ages have no room for darkness only the Light of the Infinite One.

A new age will dawn when peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness rules.

My future mother continue with building your community of Light. My emmisaries tell me that the plantings are continuing and the trees will produce food early. As we are approaching a year of release be not afraid as the earth sends the signs of change. There is still a couple of years before the major changes take place so please continue to build Unity and be that Light for the world that I know you will be. The future of the earth is a Garden for ALL living in the Unity of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The darkness before the dawn is upon the little ones of the earth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I have disclosed the knowledge yet none do listen. I have given the times of the end for this dark aspect of war, deception and greed and none do heed the call. I have given the interpretation of the prophecy for all to understand yet the people of this earth are still lost in the delusion of their forebears. As the vultures circle and hold the children of darkness in error still the true Light is lost within the vomit of their choosing. So many claim predominance yet when I speak none do gather to listen.

Light cannot be found within the darkness of ego and desire.

If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that your truth is above the truth of the Infinite One you should sit down and just wait out these times. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe in your haughty desires that you can do what you want without the recompense affecting you just continue until the hands sweep this earth clean. If you are one of the children of darkness who believe that you are above anyone else stand upon your pedastal and shout your predominance to the stars. These are all choices of darkness and I cannot stop you from making them.

Only in Unity will the true Light emerge for ALL.

The dark vicar and the vultures of the apostasy will mistakenly cling to their errant beliefs to the end of their days. The dark clerics and the shaitan will war with the true believers ignoring the calls to listen to the UMMI. The children whom we gave the Teachings will stand in egotism and division with swords and spears even as they are called to Unity. This is the way it must be as it is darkest before the dawn of the new era of Light. As the war, deception and greed give way to the peace, truth and altruisitic lovingkindness ALL will be amazed at the glory of the Light and the Infinite One from which it emanates.

Peace and Light to ALL.


Children of Light look to existence as the model of Liberation

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the children of darkness are lost in ego begin preparations for living in service to all. When the coming changes take place the society that you know now will begin the change to the light. The harm that is caused by the lustful desires of those who live on their delusional abundance will end and new systems of altruistic lovingkindness will emerge. The earth is our home and the Garden will care for ALL given the stewardship that we know.

Light is an energy of being that encompasses ALL.

The life that we share upon this precious planet is a gift from the Infinite One that should be cherished. We are all given the opportunity to create our path through free will yet our choices either produce liberation or subjugation and suffering. In all that we do the love or harm is by which the action is judged and we are held accountable. From the time that we set down the teachings we have given these basic understandings. But as the dark aspect of the ego flourished the norm became overwhelmingly acceptable and harm became commonstance.

Children of Light have only moments of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

The One World Religion that the people of your planet cling to is founded within these constructs. This adoration of money and the trappings of ease cause a great dream world where that which is true becomes something unreal and the true Light becomes a darkness the leaders of the apostasy preach. The dangers of society venerating unchecked and rampant free will at the expense of doing harm to other beings has caused the cleaving that is upon your peoples. Understand the lessons and go forward in the Light of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Our Garden will support ALL within the gentle glow of the Light.

My future mother look to the Garden for your truth. The truths of this existence are unmistakable and should be venerated. ALL is blessed and sacred within existence. Existence teaches that we are all in Unity with each other and with all of existence. Atruistic lovingkindness is at the core of existence as you are held within the arms of Light that hold and sustain ALL. And as existence constantly give of itself in service to ALL so too must we model our actions after this service in every moment that we are. As we move into these truths of existence ALL may become liberated and true free will can be had within the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!


As the Garden is upon the horizon the Light shift has begun to reveal the vibrational changes

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With the last moon of the Tsade the vibrational shift was monumentous around the globe. The new vibrations of Light have been felt far and wide. As the earth prepares for the shift these moments of change will draw us all closer to the Light of our future home within the Garden. Even I have had to take a moment to adjust to these new energies that are within and without. The Infinite ONE is preparing us for the glorious times that are upon our peoples.

When the Light is fully upon us the earth will be healed.

I know the children of darkness will not comprehend the changes nor will most of our people wander without fear but the coming changes are predestined to bring us closer to the nature of our true being. It will be a cleansing and a healing for ALL as we move into the Golden Age of the earth. Change is not easy especially as we move from war, deception and greed into peace truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Children of Light prepare the earth for the remnants with love.

My future mother continue planting the trees and edibles that will allow you and your community to survive after the changes. The trees will be strong through the shift to Light and will allow our people to flourish without too much distress. The edibles you are planting throughout the hills around you will spread their seeds around the immediate countryside so that when the sun reappears they will grow in the warm green glow of the Garden. My emissaries tell me that you are steadily building the Unity that will be predominant upon my return. Continue this and spread the word that soon the shift will be.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Ancient texts are meaningless as you war with your brother killing innocents

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the wars rage on in the land of Light each side stands behind the banner of their ancient texts thinking that the writings justify the death and destruction they cause. As these children of darkness stand they are the armilus, antichrist and dajjal taking the precious gifts that their creator has given in haughty displays of self. We hear their pleas to the Infinite ONE but they speak falsley. None do repent of their wickedness. All just whine and cry with meaningless words expecting grace upon their darkness. Instead of walking in righteousness every one is turned to their own selfish course as the horse rushes into the battle.

Walk in the Light before you ask that your voice is heard.

The ancient communications that we have given to you are not standards to wave as you head into the darkness of war, deception and greed. It matters not which book you hold. It matters not which verse you choose. It matters not which standard you hold above your head. It only matters that you walk in righteousness and leave the darkness at your back. Killing innocents to start a war is not acceptable to the ONE you claim you have a right to hold as your own. Setting up your weapons of destruction next to schools and hospitals as cowards and unbelievers do not give you anything but the darkness of your own making.

Paradise will never be won upon a battlefield of your making.

My future mother take the community that you have built and turn your back on the unbelievers and the children of darkness. Plead with the masses who stand in protest for things they do not understand to sit next to the children of darkness until they stop their war, deception and greed. They only want control so they can subjugate and mutilate in their masculine elitism. They care not for the feminine and only war for their own glory and greed. Look at the leaders in their fine tailored suits of the best fabrics while in the streets the little ones are dressed in sackcloth and go hungry. These unbelievers already have their paradise and will get nothing in the days to come. They fill the world with darkness and the darkness is what they will receive in the abyss of their own making.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Only through Unity will peace enter throughout the world

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the factions grow in their divisiveness over delusional standards they bear war, deception and greed are the only outcome they will ever reveal. The wars over ideals can never be won. The fighting for egotistical elitism can never have a successful victor. The battles being waged over haughty desires and delusional superiority only serve to harm the little ones who are caught in the crossfire.

The darkness that you have put upon the world is reaching an end.

The little ones will not stand by and let the kings and leaders whom they believe will protect them show the conflicted values of religion and war day after day. The armies of the south relent not to the truth of their deity only to toss the weapons back and forth. Instead of sheltering the little ones they hide in their midst. Instead of building  homes and shelters they build structures of war.

Only in the Light of truth will victory shine for little ones.

Within the ancient texts we revealed to cherish life. Within the ancient texts we revealed to learn war no more. Within the ancient texts we revealed to respect all of the communications that we sent for you are ONE community under the true deity that you should bow before. Whether you believe in this or that or someone told you another the only adoration you should give is to the living ONE. Your life is from the Infinite as is the other that you raise your hand to harm.

Cherish all life for it was given as a gift as yours was.

Just as you were told to be gentle stewards to the earth you call home you should also be caring and loving for ALL. That includes the little ones you hide behind and bomb. That includes the brothers and sisters that you disagree with on delusional terms. That includes the animals and plants that your darkness chokes with fumes of disgust. ALL is of the Infinite ONE.  Respect ALL so that you may have life without darkness forever more.

Peace and Light to ALL!