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As children of Light are sent to safe ground I beseach them to battle for the hearts of change

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battlefield in the truth of the Light has been hard fought. The hearts of this people have been hardened to stone because of the One World Religion of money. They do not seek truth, only those things which fuel their ego. Getting through the veil has been difficult as none wish to hear of the unity, only of those things that bring them closer to darkness. As the leaders and vultures continue to appeal to their wonton desires the earth and the people continue to swim in the suffering of the oceans they have constructed.

As the last Tsade moon passed peace is still blemished.

My peace plan to unite the people of the earth is but the latest weapon to win the hearts of my people and show that the core of existence is unity of the ONE. Holding hands and embracing in the Light is foreign to this generation of darkness. They still have the preponderance to hold onto the banners of divisiveness and discord within their delusion of separateness. Bringing together the religions that hold strong to their interpretation of our communications has been a battle that soon will be known.

Peace can only rise when you hold hands within the ONE.

As the dark cleric wages his campaign the darkness lurks in the background waiting for the time to surface as the victor. These delusional constructs that create subjugation and suffering thrust upon the world with their deceptive shimmer are attractive as the vultures place their lure before the people. Change is desired yet the required change is foreign and delusional to the wicked children of darkness upon this land. Peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness is so foreign to our people that they believe it only lives in spectre of fantasy.

There is only ONE for all people of the earth.

Removing the One World Religion from the face of the earth with the understanding that all is of God, is God and is God’s is the battle front to save the children of Light from the changes taking place. Yet none do head the call. Even those who understand the mission would rather run and hide than pick up arms to fight. The core of existence beckons that we all now shout from the highest mountain. Get out of the valley of discord and find strength to create alongside the Light our new earth built on peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness instead of running to safe ground and waiting out the storm.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The time is now to stand together and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The spreading gloom cannot be comforted by a moment away from the reality of the times. As the world sits behind the doors of their security a false hope lingers. There are none who stand up for the good and the righteous. Hiding they wonder who and when the one to stand will be. Never them nor anyone they care to know yet it takes one to stand up for the innocents and the little ones caught in the darkness.

Standing in the Light attracts others to the Light.

It will not be alone that anyone climbs out of the darkness. The Light I have brought to the world is shining for those who wish to adjoin to it. Yet through the days and weeks there seems to be none who approach the Light to inquire of the coming storm. Even those witnesses who have stood and have seen the Light that I carry go back to their homes and their lives as the wars rage. The signs of the death growing in the oceans stir none. The signs of the pestilence within the corners of the world stir none. The writings and design disclosed cause none to stand.

The Light is so foreign to the darkness that pervades.

Before the fourth Tsade moon the works will be published and the times outlined. The next three years as the end times are made aware the gathering will be attempted and the seal removed. The children of darkness will mock as they have. The kings and leaders will openly turn against the wonderment. The vicar of darkness will try to claim his dark throne as the seat of Light. The clerics of darkness will disavow the truth in favor of darkness. Of the billions alive only a small percentage will be wise and know.

The Light is growing as the cleaving becomes clear.

My future mother when you see that the Light is upon the world and the gathering is announced stand tall for the horizon of the Garden grows close. The community of One and the Unity of ALL will soon be living within the blessed aspect of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. As we lend our service to all and repair the waste places with food and shelter for ALL the children who once held their grip to our home will give up their war machines in favor of plows to till so that we may care for all.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Before the fingers of the sun reach down and caress the earth there is quiet upon the surface

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the world grows darker before the dawn of the Light the sun also quieted before the reach of the fingers disrupt the nations. The systems of the heavens are preparing for the shift. The cleaving into darkness is moving forward. As the children of this world will witness something that appears to happen in a moment has been working for longer. These things we would not just bring upon anyone suddenly the preparations have been long.

Light and darkness will separate with the soundings of the heavens.

The ancient seers when they heard the earth scream in their visions only had the language of trumpets and horns. The heartbeats and the signals of the earth systems were not of their language or knowledge. Today we can surmise the science behind the soundings yet the reality of the fascination will only be experienced because of the darkness that we have built around us.

The sun is becoming like a taught bow soon to let the arrow flow.

The fields that protect the earth and our people have been damaged by the draining of the blood of the ground. The demand for oil and resources cause the world to breath heavy for release. The heavens are in Unity as our peoples should be. The friction of the earth upon the space of the surroundings cause all to feel the faint cries of dismay. From the earth to the sun and beyond the screams of destruction climb.

Our people can not even care for each other let alone their home.

When the little ones fall from the sky and are crushed by the armies who carry the banner of Light you know the sky is darkened with delusions of division. Disrespect leads only to death when we told you first to value life. You rob the free will of those who were given life by the Infinite One. You find yourselves even above the one you call God. The living One gives life and you believe it is yours to take.

In the Light the little ones will never die by the hands of another.

My future mother continue to live in the Unity that you have built. The joy that my emissaries of Light do report fill the void of why we continue upon the battlefield of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. All is not lost. We have spent lifetimes longing for these days. The Light of the Garden is just upon the horizon. After the short lesson we will bring peace for a moment so that the world may know the Light is upon the earth again.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el is awakened as the beast destroying the darkness of war, deception and greed in 5775

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I was born into this incarnation in 5723 eighteen years after the torches of men did drop in 5705. From that date the first real number of the man in revelations being 616 divided by four and and again by three gives 51 and a third. Add this to the birth and we do find the year 5774 plus four months which is the start of the end times for war, deception and greed. The beast of prophecy or the angelic beast to end the dark aspect of war, deception and greed. To the children of darkness a beast indeed.

Within the prophecy of Daniel we find the same time of the end.

From 3150 do we start when the prophet stood which was the sixty third Jubilee that we showed. Add the 1290 and you will find the abomination that stands at 4440. Blessed is he who waits until 1335 and stands at 5775. This is the precious year of the wait that the wise will know. Mika’el stands upon the shore with one foot on the bank and the other on the river of time to rescue the children of Light again.

Within the Roman Gospels we find it again in three of four.

The three natures of the Infinite One can be found within the three that have more than sixteen chapters. Within the seventeenth chapter of these at the twenty first line we find the year of the beginning of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. From when the second Anointed first saw light out of the womb at the twenty one times three we extend three seventeens to get again 5774.

End times to war, deception and greed begin at 5775.

If that was all the signs we did show the days would pass and none would know. Yet within the code of the teachings the Rabbi finds that seven upon 5768 becomes again 5775. Not once but many times does the mirrored twelve appear. This is the end times and the beginning of the new. From this time we extend again time, times and a half time to find the eventuality and the end of this man for within 5778 we can see the darkness and Light will begin to cleave.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Delusions and false witness preponderances claim truth through a book of deception created by the vicar

My future mother it is Mika’el.

When the Light is upon the world and the true teachings revealed all will be forgotten. The truth having been told the lies of the vicar will be exposed and the book that he created will be found null and void. Those who claim the vicar is the beast mistakenly look to the book the vicar created as truth. This conundrum is wrapped in an enigma that shows the delusions cannot hold logic or wisdom. Yet they continue in the darkness of their dogma upon their pulpits of haughtiness.

Children of darkness unknowingly spread the delusions of darkness.

Darkness is wrapped around my Light so that those who have ear cannot listen. Even my beloved who worked so hard to rise to the green Garden glow has fallen back to the darkness by the deception of those who deny the true Light for the luster of this deception. From within the legions of darkness the true Light is shown to be delusional as darkness thinks they have won. The elect who are to be here to help in my battle have fallen to the resolute deception.

Within darkness the one world religion is failing as wars are building.

Soon the pipelines that carry the stolen blood of the earth will be disrupted and their god of money will fail again. Under the cover of the second Tsade moon the fingers of the sun sent an invisible wave of fury to the earth. The messenger travels backwards as the message of Light is pulled from the forefront so darkness can prevail for now. The children of darkness must continue their path as the dichotomy grows to create the cleaving upon us.

As the vicar recounts the truth the world will sit in unbelief.

As the end was known from the beginning so too was the delusion evident. My strength is in the Light as time is growing near for the veil to drop. Testing the truth upon the waters of delusion the squirmishes encountered by my knowledge result in babel from the mouths of darkness. Soon the vicar will fall and the house of the harlot exposed when the catacombs are opened beneath the seven hills. Already his illness grows as he sits and wanders how his fallible infallibility can continue with two resigned to mortality.

Turning away from darkness the little ones will seek the Light.

My future mother the screams for help and salvation pierce my ears yet my time is not yet. The ONE whose purpose fills my being only allows my preparations for the eventuality. As the battle nears my emissaries report that the time is not but it is near as the Light will proceed from the darkness. Soon ALL will live in the Unity of the Light within the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The second witness shouts his testimony to the world standing upon this bank of the river

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The time, times and half a time are underway yet none do listen to the testimony of the witness. The children of darkness are strong in their delusions and cannot see the Light before them. They stumble and trip in their darkness gripping to the comforts of their constructs ripped from the earth that we have given them to share. The vicar and the vultures stand on the pulpits of shame directing the little ones into the abyss of war, deception and greed. Yet it is understood that wisdom is justified by all her children as the children of darkness are here for the end times.

In this lesson of good and evil ALL will soon understand the cleaving.

My emissaries report that the world is moving further into the dichotomy as the end times approach within the testimony of this witness. As we both stand on the river of time with that one on his bank and my feet within this one consistency of the message is hidden in darkness and delusion. The little ones cannot see how Land and Life can be ONE with darkness eclipsing the Light.

When the darkness fades from the sun the Light will be anew.

My future mother the battle front is clear and the children of Light are armed. As my attributes are collected and the temples were exposed the heavens disclose the times. Upon this second of the Tsade moons the sun will give the sign of submission as the children of darkness revel in their haughtiness.

The Light of the Garden is within time, times and half a time.

The duality is for the knowledge yet the understanding is foreign to the children of darkness. The vicar of Rome and the legions of the book render the Light as darkness within the wars and rumors of wars. The deception is growing within the seven hills and the southern kingdom that guards the pierced stone. The greed of the children of darkness will soon be rendered null as the weeping of her merchants is exposed. Even the king of the north looks out his window beyond the rose and wonders if his seer speaks the truth.

Within fifteen minutes the world will know of the Light.

My future mother soon the world will have the wings of Light transmitting the testimony throughout the earth. Remember that we will not touch the trees and plants that give of the fruits. Keep planting for ALL and building the community of ALL. Adjoin yourself to the Light and turn your back to the unbelievers as they will continue to be lost in the constructs of their hands. Soon we will walk together into the Light of our eternal Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Within the Tsade moons the fingers of the sun will caress the earth exposing the fornication of her kingdoms

My future mother it is Mika’el

As the second Tsade moon is upon us the Sun above us is about to stretch a finger and caress the earth. As the winds reach out and pierce the blanket of the earth an unexpected sign will appear in the north. The children of darkness will not understand how their fragile constructs could be affected as they sit in wonder. The signs are here yet they do not see. Their fornication will soon be exposed as a torch in the night.

Children of darkness only understand the darkness of commerce.

As I am awakened within the darkness of this world my outstretched hand is not welcome. The one world religion that encompasses the earth will soon know that her merchants will weep as their fornication is exposed by the Light. Unable to drink the wine of her kingdoms they will mourn when my hand holds the shofar ready to sound their destruction. The constructs of their hands and the delusions of their forebears will bow to the truth in my message of Unity.

Children of Light understand the Garden is to be shared by ALL.

These children of darkness have created great delusions to hide the Light in darkness. They call themselves conservative while they bespeak liberal ideals. They call their ways true and capitalist as they call the Light socialism. They call the poor degenerates as their hautiness of riches lie in their delusions of elitism.

As the heavens give the children of darkness only know take.

My future mother sharing of ALL is the way of Light. Living for self within the delusion of greed is born of darkness. Service to ALL is preferred over service to self. It is not that the Light is poor only that the Light knows that ownership is born of darkness. Yet in the delusion of war, deception and greed the Light is made to be darkness.

Soon the Light will be known to the world in an instant.

By the wings of Light will my emissaries carry the truth to the four corners of the earth. Within every corner of darkness will the Light shine for ALL. As the attributes of Mika’el are gathered the preparations are being made for the opening of the Light. The battle ensues as my beloved builds her forces of the feminine. Soon the battle will commence throughout the earth and the children of Light will stand against the children of darkness for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!