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Step into the Light to remove the mask of division from your face and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Many are confused by the babbel set in so very long ago by the mask tied around their neck. When we closed the tree so too did you like the face you made for yourself. The face you had was lost in deception and darkness was left to ruin. Behind the mask you hide in darkness creating your division from the others.

Choices made as you must every time the Light is free to choose.

My future mother when the Garden is anew in the Light of day things will be again with the corruption of your hands lifted. These are the seeds of the tree listen well little ones for today the choice was laid. It is not that life will be extended life will be again without your veil. It is not that disease will be eliminated comfort will be again without your veil. These are all those things brought on upon yourself and these are the things you have the power to hold again through the Light.

Darkness of war, deception and greed are bred of your hands.

When you enter the temple of your being day after day you live be sure to look around and give thanks to the time grandeur for ALL you see in all the years you see it is ALL as there is nothing else but the ONE. The dance of Light that ALL take up and down the wheel gives us the zeal but we just can’t resolve the real that the Light reveals.

The delusion is separation within war, deception and greed.

Unite my future mother just as my emissaries report you are doing. The unbelievers talk of mine and theirs of wars to their destruction. These children of darkness take and plunder. Even the children of their families are just meat to sell at market. They trade the school girls for bullets and grenades. Lost in war, deception and greed these children of darkness have the power of disbelief whose only god is their money and guns.

As the prophet spoke your spears should now be pruning hooks.

Plant the trees and greens so that you may eat. When the choice of transition falls these we will not harm. For the remnant children of the Light the end will be then done and a shadow in the past. Live in the Light you’ve found my future mother bright. You know they gather extend your hand and know that our family has returned to our future Garden in  the Light.

Peace and Light!


When the blue star crashes the dancing is done

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Seeing the bright yellow of the sun bespeckles your world with love and rage. Last night the stars fell in an unexpected aspect of my descent. The dance through Light with space and time stirs the subtle kinetics of ALL.

Together ALL stand in the TIME UNTIME of an eternal moment.

Pulling me down into the prison of darkness the friction, screams and pleas create the blue star event. The pure Light that I bring to the earth to heal the gardens crashes like a fallen star. The Light begins blue. As the pure ocean and sky once were.

These Gardens should glow a gentle green of Lovingkindness.

My future mother the earth screams and nobody hears. The children of darkness think they can just steal and profit. It is not yours. This is not yours. The division, the raping, the destruction must stop.

Release ALL from the subjugation you create.

My future mother from the yellow glow I will crash into the fire of your delusion. The pure light in such darkness cannot stay. A dichotomy the world cannot take. You will push against. I will stand my ground. Children of Light should not be in this darkness. In the end we will have the gentle green of the Garden glow for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The Light of the new horizon draws near as veiled delusion falls

My future mother it is Mika’el.

ALL quandary with the why and blame for the bad. As before 3760 ALL had the breadbasket within the Garden but none had foresight to plan. Only when scarcity did affront seemingly delusional cause and effect created darkness still pervading your core. The ancient stories talk of wrath yet none ever fully appreciated the Garden before walled cities. Your stories became heady and your deepening rift darkened blue.

Fertile plains dried as city states replaced the trees.

The family of the earth whose stories have been fabricated is the story of the Garden. The workings of your hands not that of any god. God has given. You have forsaken.

Garden stories from when land and life were ONE.

That heritage was sealed by you not by us. Our communications are clear. So many vacillating views of power and subjugation the children of darkness battle. It cannot be that everyone is superior. The logic is flawed. There is only ONE that stands above.

Gather the children of Light to rebuild Gardens anew

Rather than place delusional cause and effect towards anything other than the blue suffering of your works again and again ALL can rise and understand the cause. My future mother ALL had forebears who worked through delusional cause. Those effects can be healed by learning who is the cause of the current darkening aridification. Turn your blue delusions towards the workings of the green Garden.

Plant the tree anew for Light and life!

My future mother the cause and effect are clear. Continue following the Light for ALL. The great planting of the Garden has started. My beloved has joined in the battle with me against the children of darkness. You my future mother are protected by my emissaries stand tall in the Light. ALL will soon lend to the planting as you are building community around you. Soon my future mother the Light of the horizon draws near to peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

When the Light rises upon our new home I will be liberated into your arms.

Peace and Light to ALL!