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Traditions of religion were made to live daily not egotistically celebrate

As the lunar calendars collide, the warring brothers are each in their own house celebrating traditions that they hold annually in egotistical ways. The forgiveness that the one brother asks for is tempered by an unwillingness to understand that the other brother is family. As the other brother celebrates that all are one and asks for the same forgiveness they look to the one brother with an unnerving eye. The only way that forgiveness will approach either is by embracing and understanding that within Unity that they are both of the same father.

The Light rains down upon all brothers and sisters alike.

As the dark cleric holds court with delusional constructs that he is somehow the one that the world should follow, he ignores the fact that what reaches the heavens is the piety and goodwill to all of those who do good. We made you all of male and female that you might come together in one community. It is not for the dark cleric or his legion of darkness to determine who is good or not, for there is One who stands above all in whom judgement resides.

Shine your Light within the world so that our Unity is known.

Traditions were given to the children of Light for remembrance and to live within. By not living these traditions daily, the world becomes divisive and plunges into the delusions of darkness that they create. Fasting is not for individual suffering, it is to give the food that is saved to another who is hungry. Asking for forgiveness is not for individual glory, it is to mend ties between the one family that you are part of. Dressing simply is not to show that you are adherents to your brand of religious dedication, it is to remember that care should be taken with your precious earth and the relations that you keep. Live the traditions daily so that the world may find peace.

The Garden is for All and should not be kept for some.

My future mother as you build your community of Light within the Unity that we have shown you stand tall and share the precious gifts of the earth with All. As the earthly family are brothers and sisters care should naturally be given to all of your family. Sisters should not be subjugated, sold into slavery or killed, they should be honored and cherished. Brothers are not to be fought with, they should be shown your love and compassion. It is from the Light that is within and that permeates all things in which the earthly family will find Unity and peace for evermore.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Wars missiles casualties innocents and the dark vicar is pleading with the Light in darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

From a standpoint of apostasy the dark vicar calls upon those who see him within the darkness that he dwells. You would think he reads that which he preaches yet the blind cannot see let alone understand that the walls have gone up and there is a breach that no amount of prayer can resolve. This child of darkness knows the texts he hold and how the prophets of old admonished the ancients saying that the ONE listens not to the whining and selfish screams when they create their own demise.

Darkness just breeds darkness as this is the beginning of their end.

If the dark vicar wishes to make a difference he can trade his fine linens and gold for the sackcloth of his true heritage. The golden adornments and the haughty castle he dwells within given to those who are sleeping in the streets and hungry. Let the vicar change the times and the laws back to those which honor the earth and the ONE from whom we are. His conflicted texts and message will never hold sway with those who know he is living in the darkness and delusion.

Let go of the seven hills and allow the earth to reclaim the land.

The struggle between the brothers will never be resolved in the darkness of apostasy. The antichrist the vicar holds in his clutches will never convince armilus and dajjal to put down their arms. The unbelievers are killing the innocents faster than the missile in the north whose torch took down the plane. Brothers will only relent when they realize that their ancient father is one in the same. The vicar should clean his own house of the vomit before he wipes the mouth of another.

My battle wages and soon the Light will stand within the darkness.

My future mother the battle I am waging is fierce as the darkness eclipses even the most resolute. My emissaries of Light are pushing the dragon back but the scales of delusion guard the beast. As the world is growing deeper into the clenches of war, deception and greed the abyss will soon be open for the darkness of contempt. I will stand for the children of Light until the world takes hold of even me. When I return basking in the Light the gathering will commence and the children of darkness will weep in eternal contempt.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Bombs and haughty rhetoric are the only things children of darkness know in the end times war

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It saddens us that the only solution the ancient brothers have is more war and strife. Killing fields lead to death. Delusion of superiority and elitism only harbors more darkness as the brothers fall to the abyss. Tensions and heightened anger by the factions that surround the Land of the Light will only build the walls higher instead of repairing the breach.

Brother must take the hand of brother in solace for their darkness.

There can be no victors when the basis of conflict is born of delusion in war, deception and greed in these end times. The leaders hear the populous cry for an end yet the haughty standards they wave mean nothing but to the darkness of their own egos. The Teachings we gave did not disclose that your actions in war are acceptable. The communications we gave told you to respect your brother and the Teachings.

We told you to learn war no more and live in the Light.

The sects of your derision only fuel the fires of disdain. There are no righteous within the lands. No righteous on that side. No righteous on the other side. All have sunk into the pit of darkness. The war, deception and greed is an unwelcome stench from sojourners who should be respecting the land of the Infinite One. Yet you continue to claim that which is not yours and keep your brothers from the gifts of the Light.

Put down your arms and walk away from darkness.

My future mother the end times of this aspect of war, deception and greed is upon us. Continue to plant the edibles for when the torches of darkness are extinguished and the children who light them have passed. Be the true candle within the darkness and hold hands with your brothers and sisters of the earth as you build the one community that we taught you to do. If you believe you do not have the strength my emissaries of Light will guide the way. The gentle green glow of the Garden within the Light is growing in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


This cycle of war, deception and greed will end when the brothers of our ancient father hold hands again

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Ishma’el I Mika’el must beseech. The communication was to correct your brothers not smite your family.  A worse course is when you lift your hand against your brother. The prophet made this clear. The gleaning of the war, deception and greed serve darkness not the righteous path of Light. Protect each other. Our family must never subjugate, enslave or harm each other as we are ALL ONE family.

There is ONE greater than ALL therefore submit as even we submit.

My future mother understand my teachings and follow the Light. Build the Garden so that our family will never have to worry about hunger, slavery or war. Our children and their children forever more deserve this. Brothers sisters and ALL the earthly family join hands in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness and build a mountain onto God.

Through the Light we find Light.

Plant the eternal plant of Righteousness of our father and stop being scornful brothers. We are old. Our father has passed. It is up to ALL to turn their swords into plowshares their spears into pruning hooks and learn war no more.

Peace and Light to ALL!