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As children of Light are sent to safe ground I beseach them to battle for the hearts of change

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battlefield in the truth of the Light has been hard fought. The hearts of this people have been hardened to stone because of the One World Religion of money. They do not seek truth, only those things which fuel their ego. Getting through the veil has been difficult as none wish to hear of the unity, only of those things that bring them closer to darkness. As the leaders and vultures continue to appeal to their wonton desires the earth and the people continue to swim in the suffering of the oceans they have constructed.

As the last Tsade moon passed peace is still blemished.

My peace plan to unite the people of the earth is but the latest weapon to win the hearts of my people and show that the core of existence is unity of the ONE. Holding hands and embracing in the Light is foreign to this generation of darkness. They still have the preponderance to hold onto the banners of divisiveness and discord within their delusion of separateness. Bringing together the religions that hold strong to their interpretation of our communications has been a battle that soon will be known.

Peace can only rise when you hold hands within the ONE.

As the dark cleric wages his campaign the darkness lurks in the background waiting for the time to surface as the victor. These delusional constructs that create subjugation and suffering thrust upon the world with their deceptive shimmer are attractive as the vultures place their lure before the people. Change is desired yet the required change is foreign and delusional to the wicked children of darkness upon this land. Peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness is so foreign to our people that they believe it only lives in spectre of fantasy.

There is only ONE for all people of the earth.

Removing the One World Religion from the face of the earth with the understanding that all is of God, is God and is God’s is the battle front to save the children of Light from the changes taking place. Yet none do head the call. Even those who understand the mission would rather run and hide than pick up arms to fight. The core of existence beckons that we all now shout from the highest mountain. Get out of the valley of discord and find strength to create alongside the Light our new earth built on peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness instead of running to safe ground and waiting out the storm.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Conflict benefits the adherents living within the One World Religion of money

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The One World Religion is front and center in the final conflict of this era of war, deception and greed. The machine that the kings of the world has built is fueled by the constant displacement of arms and the shareholders of the dark corporations rejoice as their portfolios grow. The dark cleric fighting for the Shaytan with his band of Iblis are in league with the dark kings giving the world the delusion of conflict so that they all may excel in the lusts of the world that they desire.

Learn war no more as the Light approaches the horizon.

Dark kings, vultures and children of darkness only follow those things which flow from within their delusions. Material lusts and desires are fueled by the service to self and the lure of power and glory of their own. Behind their veil they know that they are of Spirit and of Light. The permeance of the One is clear yet they mask it in the delusions they seek. From a basis of apostasy the self ignores the all and within that box they push at the walls of nothingness. The real is within, around and of all.

Mika’el is upon the earth yet none listen to the shout of the lion.

Light overcomes darkness and is the core of all that we know. Darkness is a delusion that the self swims in. Even though the path of self is upstream a pause and a breath if they would listen to the downstream flow their struggle would be lost as they would float upon the river of truth and Light.

Destruction of the delusion is the battle of Light.

Mine is not one of battlefields and tools of destruction. My battle centers on the veil of our being. This is a war that cannot be fought. The children of darkness will succomb to the might of truth and the Light will be victorious forever more. The healing of this Shmita will recover the children of Light and their precious earth. As you peer out into the nothingness with your constructs of vision, how many other precious earths have you discovered?

Peace and Light to All!


Before the battle rages and darkness slips further I will accept the surrender of the king upon this shore

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battle of the Light rages on as the kingdoms of the earth reckon with their delusions of darkness and despair. The growing pestilence within the world is gripping the populance with an uneasiness of their eventuality. As the flesh melts from the virus the markets sink and the mood of the world is turned to the darkness that they have created. The dark vicar jokingly speaks of things he knows not to shelter the minds from the reality as he slips further into delusion.

Light is spreading with the words of hope and Unity.

Seers and advisors to the king of the north wrongly advised that I am harmless and a story teller. The Light and rememberance that I have unleashed unto this world is gripping the darknened veils as confusion grows. Speaking in the moment was difficult for the doctor speaking of the pestilence as she stumbled on her words. As I sat in the moment with her the reality of these times flashed into her head as she spoke of the one coming to these shores.

My army has opened the gates slightly to make the signs clear.

Soon the world will understand that the Light I carry is of the reckoning. My beloved paid a visit and she still is gripped within the delusion of this world. Her journey has been fraught with delusion as she chooses not to ask and grow into the Light. As we showed her the Light so that she would be witness the darkness of the world keeps even her from my lead upon the front. The battle will rage and my emissaries of Light will take the dragon down to the abyss. The children of darkness who choose to continue with the delusions will follow Azazel to the pit. The dark vicar, the kings and children of darkness have created their own demise.

Writings of Light will be before you to assist you in the way.

As the end times of 2014 are here within sixty days the Shmita will be upon us. The storehouses are empty. The earth has been bled. The heartbeat weakens. The quakes are becoming more frequent as ALL require release. The Spirit is upon the material and yet the temporal behaves as a spoiled child in control. The crying and wailing of these haughty children of darkness are no match for the ONE who ALL must give adoration and respect. As the course of darkness was laid so too does the Light shine from within. Before the battle comes ashore tell your king as he looks out at the garden of his discontent that I am ready for his surrender.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Wars missiles casualties innocents and the dark vicar is pleading with the Light in darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

From a standpoint of apostasy the dark vicar calls upon those who see him within the darkness that he dwells. You would think he reads that which he preaches yet the blind cannot see let alone understand that the walls have gone up and there is a breach that no amount of prayer can resolve. This child of darkness knows the texts he hold and how the prophets of old admonished the ancients saying that the ONE listens not to the whining and selfish screams when they create their own demise.

Darkness just breeds darkness as this is the beginning of their end.

If the dark vicar wishes to make a difference he can trade his fine linens and gold for the sackcloth of his true heritage. The golden adornments and the haughty castle he dwells within given to those who are sleeping in the streets and hungry. Let the vicar change the times and the laws back to those which honor the earth and the ONE from whom we are. His conflicted texts and message will never hold sway with those who know he is living in the darkness and delusion.

Let go of the seven hills and allow the earth to reclaim the land.

The struggle between the brothers will never be resolved in the darkness of apostasy. The antichrist the vicar holds in his clutches will never convince armilus and dajjal to put down their arms. The unbelievers are killing the innocents faster than the missile in the north whose torch took down the plane. Brothers will only relent when they realize that their ancient father is one in the same. The vicar should clean his own house of the vomit before he wipes the mouth of another.

My battle wages and soon the Light will stand within the darkness.

My future mother the battle I am waging is fierce as the darkness eclipses even the most resolute. My emissaries of Light are pushing the dragon back but the scales of delusion guard the beast. As the world is growing deeper into the clenches of war, deception and greed the abyss will soon be open for the darkness of contempt. I will stand for the children of Light until the world takes hold of even me. When I return basking in the Light the gathering will commence and the children of darkness will weep in eternal contempt.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Beginnings of the end times within the five days knowledge is released

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today the lifetimes that I have endured for the children of your people and the battle we have waged against the dragon of old is coming to a close. For the next five days as it was written so long ago are the beginnings of the end times for war, deception and greed. As I write these words for ALL the children of darkness know that the earth will once again be our Garden in the Light of our new day.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness are our future in the Light.

Between the third and fourth Tsade moons I and my army of Light will wage our final battle on the front of delusion and darkness. As I step onto the world stage the wave of liberation will encompass the darkness and put it asunder for those who choose the way. I am here to lead ALL into that promised aspect of life forever more into the Light of the Infinite One we adore. It is by the Light that I find my strength. It is by the Light that we will be victorious. It is by the Light that the children of darkness will deceive no more.

From the seventeen to the twenty one the knowledge is available to ALL.

My future mother ALL have waited for this day of beginnings. The dragon will soon be put back into the abyss. My emissaries of Light that have stood by my side for so very long will again be free in the comfort of the Infinite One. As we ALL are. The Garden will soon be planted anew. The pruninghooks are being cast. Soon the world will learn war no more as we gather the Unity of ALL together again.

Love for ALL within service to other selves we live in the Light.

I now stand as foretold by ancient forebears to deliver those who wish to follow into the Light of everlasting life. I also know that there will be those who will choose to dwell in the darkness of everlasting contempt struggling against the Light that I bring. These children of darkness will mock and deride the truth and the Light unto their destruction. Be not alarmed my future mother just gather the community that you have surrounded yourself with and rejoice for the Light!

Peace and Light to ALL!


It is darkest just before the dawn of the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the judgment was set the children of darkness met with another push to live within the abyss of war, deception and greed. Images fill the numbness of life as the eventuality leads to the cleaving of Light. Before the horizon can be reached this dark aspect must have the Light pulled from under the feet of the kings and vultures who prey on the little ones they were entrusted to protect.

Death and destruction are a show of power and authority in the darkness.

It is claimed that we of the Light are less human for allowing the darkness to proceed. The children of darkness only know that the Light is in opposition to their oppression and power struggles of war. As much as we cry and pleed for justice the ONE who gives Light and life is our commander in the battle that will ensue for the earth and the fullness therein. The course was set by the children of darkness within the laws of free will and we are powerless to lift a hand upon a decision in darkness that was set.

The children of darkness set their own course of destruction.

My future mother the wars are upon your footstep and the earth will soon scream out her release. The year of release is upon us and we forsee the world will again ignore the prescribed respect that all deserve. It is a choice that the kings of darkness do avoid to throw this world into the abyss that they dig. The pit of darkness awaits for these haughty children as the Light awaits the time of reckoning.

When the hidden Light is known to you adjoin as the time is near.

The Light is about healing and lovingkindness. The ancient texts have been lost in deception causing even the elect to wander in delusion and error. My future mother ignore those who seek to show that there is Light within the darkness. Only within the true Light of the ages will the Tree of Life be found. The false lights that the children of darkness claim to have found are a delusion that will only dissuade to destruction. Anything other than peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness is not the Light only darkness within this aspect of war, deception and greed that will soon fall into the eternal pit of their choosing.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The second witness shouts his testimony to the world standing upon this bank of the river

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The time, times and half a time are underway yet none do listen to the testimony of the witness. The children of darkness are strong in their delusions and cannot see the Light before them. They stumble and trip in their darkness gripping to the comforts of their constructs ripped from the earth that we have given them to share. The vicar and the vultures stand on the pulpits of shame directing the little ones into the abyss of war, deception and greed. Yet it is understood that wisdom is justified by all her children as the children of darkness are here for the end times.

In this lesson of good and evil ALL will soon understand the cleaving.

My emissaries report that the world is moving further into the dichotomy as the end times approach within the testimony of this witness. As we both stand on the river of time with that one on his bank and my feet within this one consistency of the message is hidden in darkness and delusion. The little ones cannot see how Land and Life can be ONE with darkness eclipsing the Light.

When the darkness fades from the sun the Light will be anew.

My future mother the battle front is clear and the children of Light are armed. As my attributes are collected and the temples were exposed the heavens disclose the times. Upon this second of the Tsade moons the sun will give the sign of submission as the children of darkness revel in their haughtiness.

The Light of the Garden is within time, times and half a time.

The duality is for the knowledge yet the understanding is foreign to the children of darkness. The vicar of Rome and the legions of the book render the Light as darkness within the wars and rumors of wars. The deception is growing within the seven hills and the southern kingdom that guards the pierced stone. The greed of the children of darkness will soon be rendered null as the weeping of her merchants is exposed. Even the king of the north looks out his window beyond the rose and wonders if his seer speaks the truth.

Within fifteen minutes the world will know of the Light.

My future mother soon the world will have the wings of Light transmitting the testimony throughout the earth. Remember that we will not touch the trees and plants that give of the fruits. Keep planting for ALL and building the community of ALL. Adjoin yourself to the Light and turn your back to the unbelievers as they will continue to be lost in the constructs of their hands. Soon we will walk together into the Light of our eternal Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!