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The battle for the Garden is soon to be

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It has been a while since I have reached out to you, but I know that my emissaries have been keeping you strong in spirit. I have had to fall again so that I could put the finality upon my preparations. I am now ready to battle the kings of the earth. My army of ten thousands await my word. Swiftly we will rain down upon these lofty kingdoms and reclaim our precious garden.

Children of light prepare yourselves for victory.

The kingdoms of the earth will soon understand just who is in control of the earth. The kings and their subjects have stolen the inheritance of our children for far too long. The darkness that surrounds their creations will soon be vanquished and the light will forever shine upon the garden. The dark vicar will lose his throne. The dark cleric will submit to the truth. No longer will our children suffer or be bound by the subjugation of others. When my army descends upon the battlefield all will know the light that I carry.

Understand the scales of recompense and find the light.

Children of darkness I beseech thee to find the light within my words. The scales  of recompense are before the world and grace is about to end. Righteousness will once again abound within our sacred garden so that the storehouses may be filled and none are in need. The changes that are underway will take the many who wish to dwell in the darkness of their ego by surprise. The earth was required a release in this shmita yet found none. As the children of darkness showed no respect for the gifts that were given to them, the gifts will be removed from their presence.

Light and darkness will soon cleave within the heavens.

My future mother never forget that you are in the heavens. As all is of God, is God and is God’s, the archangels will take back the garden from the hands of those who have stolen the precious gifts of the earth. The predetermined time of reckoning will separate the chaff from the seed. Children of light will be welcome through the gates of the garden. The children of darkness will be kept out of the garden as they dwell eternally in their unruly contempt. Soon, victory will be ours.

Peace and Light to All!

Spread peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness throughout your days in adoration of God

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Standing upon the great Shmita I reminisce of the fight to get here to release the knowledge for the peoples of the earth. The battle waged throughout the time untime to bring our peoples out of the darkness and into the Light will soon be won. As the darkness creeps upon the face of the earth the unholy constructs the children of darkness laid will soon be cast aside. From the Light a beckoning familiarity appears draped in the comfort and warmth of altruistic lovingkindness.

I am here yet the world denies the times and the eventuality of darkness.

My future mother sow that which provides benefit to our Unity. Together we will stand when the world that the children of darkness created implodes upon itself. Taking down the dark leaders of apostasy with it. The One World Religion of money will relinquish the delusional power it yields for the stand we make in peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindenss. The children of Light know that we are one within the One we abide.

Children of Light rejoice for soon we will hold hands.

From within martial law imposed to stop the spread of darkness the people of the earth will find the release to create change into the Light. The healing of the earth can be found by all peoples of the earth understanding the Unity of all. When the knowledge of the heavens is known amongst all peoples the shackles will finally be lifted and the servitude to the vultures and kings will end. The war, deception and greed will transform one morning into peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Gardens beckon to feed our family in peace.

The earth and all therein was entrusted to your family for safekeeping and sustenance. By standing together and embracing each other the tide of darkness will be swept back into the sea of unknowing. Generations forward there will be no resemblance of this life as your family learns to live as one. Serve existence as it serves you. Cherish this moment that you are alive. Spread peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness throughout your days in adoration of God.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Kings of the north will be unsuccessful in fighting fire with fire against the dark cleric

My future mother it is Mika’el.

While the kings of the north plot to start the last war of this era of war, deception and greed, they will unknowingly be cut short by the release that has been building within the earth. As 5775 approaches the signs of the end times are before the inhabitants of the earth. The children of darkness have created the delusions that they will dwell within as the Light becomes known within this realm. Darkness can never overcome darkness just as you cannot fight fire with fire. The deception of the propaganda will never eleviate the darknening tides of their eventuality.

Side with the Light and overcome the darkness for evermore.

As the times were foretold since ancient days, these children of darkness would be wise to side with the Light and begin the move into peace, truth and altruistic lovinkindness by understanding the deception that has gripped this world and replacing the delusion with the Truth. Only the strong wind of change from the core of ALL will the winds finally put out the fires of divisiveness. The greed that grips the fanatical endeavors of the dark cleric can only be turned around by the realization of the masses that he has twisted the communications that we gave so long ago.

Archangels have guided while man has twisted the Light.

My future mother the times are upon us that the world will spin further into the deepening darkness that is just before the dawn of the Light. Continue building the Unity that you have found within the community around you. The plantings of food will help buffer your peoples while the darkness pervades the world. Remember that in a few short years the darkness will be gone and the horizon will blossom in the new found Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Before the battle rages and darkness slips further I will accept the surrender of the king upon this shore

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battle of the Light rages on as the kingdoms of the earth reckon with their delusions of darkness and despair. The growing pestilence within the world is gripping the populance with an uneasiness of their eventuality. As the flesh melts from the virus the markets sink and the mood of the world is turned to the darkness that they have created. The dark vicar jokingly speaks of things he knows not to shelter the minds from the reality as he slips further into delusion.

Light is spreading with the words of hope and Unity.

Seers and advisors to the king of the north wrongly advised that I am harmless and a story teller. The Light and rememberance that I have unleashed unto this world is gripping the darknened veils as confusion grows. Speaking in the moment was difficult for the doctor speaking of the pestilence as she stumbled on her words. As I sat in the moment with her the reality of these times flashed into her head as she spoke of the one coming to these shores.

My army has opened the gates slightly to make the signs clear.

Soon the world will understand that the Light I carry is of the reckoning. My beloved paid a visit and she still is gripped within the delusion of this world. Her journey has been fraught with delusion as she chooses not to ask and grow into the Light. As we showed her the Light so that she would be witness the darkness of the world keeps even her from my lead upon the front. The battle will rage and my emissaries of Light will take the dragon down to the abyss. The children of darkness who choose to continue with the delusions will follow Azazel to the pit. The dark vicar, the kings and children of darkness have created their own demise.

Writings of Light will be before you to assist you in the way.

As the end times of 2014 are here within sixty days the Shmita will be upon us. The storehouses are empty. The earth has been bled. The heartbeat weakens. The quakes are becoming more frequent as ALL require release. The Spirit is upon the material and yet the temporal behaves as a spoiled child in control. The crying and wailing of these haughty children of darkness are no match for the ONE who ALL must give adoration and respect. As the course of darkness was laid so too does the Light shine from within. Before the battle comes ashore tell your king as he looks out at the garden of his discontent that I am ready for his surrender.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Beginnings of the end times within the five days knowledge is released

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today the lifetimes that I have endured for the children of your people and the battle we have waged against the dragon of old is coming to a close. For the next five days as it was written so long ago are the beginnings of the end times for war, deception and greed. As I write these words for ALL the children of darkness know that the earth will once again be our Garden in the Light of our new day.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness are our future in the Light.

Between the third and fourth Tsade moons I and my army of Light will wage our final battle on the front of delusion and darkness. As I step onto the world stage the wave of liberation will encompass the darkness and put it asunder for those who choose the way. I am here to lead ALL into that promised aspect of life forever more into the Light of the Infinite One we adore. It is by the Light that I find my strength. It is by the Light that we will be victorious. It is by the Light that the children of darkness will deceive no more.

From the seventeen to the twenty one the knowledge is available to ALL.

My future mother ALL have waited for this day of beginnings. The dragon will soon be put back into the abyss. My emissaries of Light that have stood by my side for so very long will again be free in the comfort of the Infinite One. As we ALL are. The Garden will soon be planted anew. The pruninghooks are being cast. Soon the world will learn war no more as we gather the Unity of ALL together again.

Love for ALL within service to other selves we live in the Light.

I now stand as foretold by ancient forebears to deliver those who wish to follow into the Light of everlasting life. I also know that there will be those who will choose to dwell in the darkness of everlasting contempt struggling against the Light that I bring. These children of darkness will mock and deride the truth and the Light unto their destruction. Be not alarmed my future mother just gather the community that you have surrounded yourself with and rejoice for the Light!

Peace and Light to ALL!


From within the texts of the ancients are found the dates of end times to darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the third moon of the Tsade was upon us my fingers gave the world the new text of my purpose. From within the texts of the ancients I show who I am and the choice that is given. It has been a long suffering battle with the dragon of darkness but now the children of light know that choice we gave to them when we sealed the Tree of Life 5775 years in the past.

The Light is upon the world and soon it will be known.

The children of darkness have not long before their conflicts will end. They will learn war no more as the knowledge of times past is remembered within the world. The little ones who suffer will be given comfort. The earth will be set on a course of healing. The Light of the Garden will again give the gentle green glow from so long ago.

Rejoice and follow the Light for success.

My future mother when I appear upon the world stage tell the community that you are building to not be like the unbelievers who choose the darkness still. Be as the wise and follow the Light. My emissaries will guide you as they have throughout these times. I wish I could stand beside you yet that would endanger ALL as we transition through these changes.

Children of Light will walk with me towards our home.

As the end times begin in 5775 I will have just over three years to gather the little ones for the journey. I hope that the harvest will be plentiful as there are rooms for ALL. Be not discouraged for those who choose to stay within the darkness for it is a choice that they make. ALL will have to choose between the Light of everlasting life or the darkness of everlasting contempt. My future mother I know that you will shine as the brightness of the firmament.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The body temple deserves greater respect as it is the bridge between material and spiritual

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I walk through the streets the disrespect that the little ones give to their body temple perplexes and astounds. Our communications were clear yet the vultures on the pulpit would rather spit vomit than tell their flock the truth of the cause of disease and suffering. The body temple is the bridge between the two Infinites. The flesh that encases your being reaches out to the material and inward to the Light of the Spiritual.

The communications of Light we left are for your benefit.

While the best practices would be to follow the communications of Light that I and my emissaries have left throughout the ages we understand that the wicked were also crafted for the times of the end. Righteousness delivers ALL from death as the years of the wicked are shortened. In our communications we stress the Light and the righteousness. Even though delusion has spread in this dark aspect of war, deception and greed the communications of Light can still be found within the ancient texts.

Tattoos and body markings are of darkness and delusion of self.

The markings that the little ones undertake upon their bridge of flesh will one day burn as a hot iron under the flame of recompense. The dark vicar and his legions of vultures delusionally preach that the markings are not of evil. The body temple was given and is a gift of the Infinite ONE. As it was given it is taken again by the will of the ONE to whom ALL should be giving adoration. In the indignation of the gifts do you seal the darkness of your creation. Soon the little ones will cry their whys and mercies to an unbending ear.

The dark Vicar of Rome will soon recant the delusion he stands upon.

The time will come when the darkness gives way to the truth of the Light. As the vicar of Rome realizes his own mortality and understands our communications of Light and Life he will stop crying for mercy and guidance as both have already been extended. We have been giving mercy and guidance since we reset your calendar 5775 years in the past. The Infinite ONE set down the judgement from the beginning and said wait.

Within the Light is peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother within these communications are consistency with the other communications of mine and of all emissaries of Light throughout the ages. Remember that Land and Life are ONE. Remember to respect the gifts that you have been given. Remember that Love for ALL and Service to Others is the way of Light. Even Gabriel says of me and my teachings – follow the light which has been sent down with him, these it is that are the successful.

Peace and Light to ALL!