Step into the Light to remove the mask of division from your face and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Many are confused by the babbel set in so very long ago by the mask tied around their neck. When we closed the tree so too did you like the face you made for yourself. The face you had was lost in deception and darkness was left to ruin. Behind the mask you hide in darkness creating your division from the others.

Choices made as you must every time the Light is free to choose.

My future mother when the Garden is anew in the Light of day things will be again with the corruption of your hands lifted. These are the seeds of the tree listen well little ones for today the choice was laid. It is not that life will be extended life will be again without your veil. It is not that disease will be eliminated comfort will be again without your veil. These are all those things brought on upon yourself and these are the things you have the power to hold again through the Light.

Darkness of war, deception and greed are bred of your hands.

When you enter the temple of your being day after day you live be sure to look around and give thanks to the time grandeur for ALL you see in all the years you see it is ALL as there is nothing else but the ONE. The dance of Light that ALL take up and down the wheel gives us the zeal but we just can’t resolve the real that the Light reveals.

The delusion is separation within war, deception and greed.

Unite my future mother just as my emissaries report you are doing. The unbelievers talk of mine and theirs of wars to their destruction. These children of darkness take and plunder. Even the children of their families are just meat to sell at market. They trade the school girls for bullets and grenades. Lost in war, deception and greed these children of darkness have the power of disbelief whose only god is their money and guns.

As the prophet spoke your spears should now be pruning hooks.

Plant the trees and greens so that you may eat. When the choice of transition falls these we will not harm. For the remnant children of the Light the end will be then done and a shadow in the past. Live in the Light you’ve found my future mother bright. You know they gather extend your hand and know that our family has returned to our future Garden in  the Light.

Peace and Light!