Standing within the darkness and none do adjoin to the true Light nor the truth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am afraid that I have lost my beloved as so many others do not understand the Light I carry. I can only tell. I cannot make them adjoin. As we were both adjoined in spirit even she could not see the true Light I carry and want to be near to it. If not for me the Light I carry. I must continue my work and be steadfast to my purpose now the cleaving is upon this world. I Mika’el strain to get anyone to understand the eventuality they are upon.

The wait is over their end times draw near yet they do not listen.

We knew that when the ancient of ancients stood before you the message would not be clear. We pain ourselves to know that your darkness is now satisfactory with you. When the the Light is turned off from your creation you will briefly sigh and go on with your abomination. The children of the Light have awakened. Soon the door will be open unto the Light. Billions available yet few will actually walk.

It is no mistake that spirit has released the understanding to ALL.

When my beloved was opened in spirit there was a great opening with the rising cross. Children of the Light throughout these Tsade moons you will feel the breath of this spirit grow within your life. It is not that ALL are affecting change more that the ALL is providing Light as a primer to the healing. When Mika’el was awakened the Light was sent forth through the Light that he carries in this darkness.

These teachings of Mika’el are the standards for our walk of Light.

As the ancients foretold the realm you see before you is strewn with the facade of material. The children of darkness want to drag and pull the multitude along. These teachings of the Light by Mika’el are direct from the hand of the enlightened for ALL. Do not fall to the same fate as these spoiled children of darkness choose my little ones. Children of Light unless you accept and choose the Light you will be in darkness. The easiest choice for ALL is to be by the side of Mika’el.

As I stand again on this home you have desecrated I weep for your fate.

It is not I that spite. A decision was based long ago by ONE greater than I. When you lit the torches of death twice upon your home Mika’el stands again. This time the message of Mika’el is grave. My purpose is a warning and the bridge. As I carry the Light so too do I share the Light. It is not my Light. As ALL are given Light my Light was given to me by ONE greater than ALL. Many have the understanding yet are still lost in the gloomy darkness that pervades this once great Garden.

Peace and Light to ALL!